Saviours of the Light - Soul Child

by Ian Houlihan and Peter Pfeffer


At a time when the Jedi are being hunted by the forces of the Sith, a young Jedi Padawan, honouring her dying master’s wish, sinks into the underworld of the Outer Rim Territories in an effort to hide a new born Jedi hopeful from extermination. After contacting an old friend Unor Lak, a member of the intergalactic rock band called “The Troubled Souls”, the Jedi patiently waits until she can move onto the next system.

Little does the young Jedi know that she and the child she hides have been tracked by the forces of darkness to the planet of Arcan IV. A place where the young Jedi and her companions will be forced to use all of their wits and resources to battle the agents of darkness…

A single session D20 Star Wars Adventure set 12 years before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope.


Anwarral – Drummer (Male Wookiee, Scoundrel 4)

Jannax Torl – Lead Vocals (Male Human, Noble 4)

Shari-Dae Elore (Female Human, Jedi Guardian 4)

Unor Lak – Keyboards (Male Rodian, Scout 1/Soldier 3)

Zalwa J’Ek – Backup Vocals (Female Twi’lek, Fringer 4)

Saviours of the Light - Soul Child

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