RULES - Weapons

Repeating Weapons

Rolling to Hit
When a character attempts to use a repeating weapon, only make one skill roll. This is the base roll, and all modifiers are taken from this. We introduced this mainly to save time and effort. Each damage roll is made however.

A modifier of +3 is given to the difficulty per shot above the first. All targets must be in the same range band.

Example: Gan Jan-Ru has his light repeating blaster at the ready. He opens fire on the group of 4 Stormtroopers in front of him. Gan rolls his skill of 8D an makes a 28. The troopers have all taken cover giving them an additional 8 to be hit which is added to the 10 base difficulty due to the range. Another group of 4 troopers are making their way to the scene and are currently at medium range. The base difficulty to hit the troopers at short range is now 18. Gan makes the first hit (also giving him an additional 1D for a good hit – see combat rules). The second difficulty is 21 (18+3 for the next target). We do not re-roll the skill. The second shot also hits, but is not good enough to get the bonus. The third (difficulty 24), and forth (difficulty 27) are also hits. Gan could not continue the attack (even if he were able) against the other troopers as they are in a different range band.

Repeating weapons have a maximum number of 3 shots per action.

Rate of Fire (ROF)
With light repeating blasters, the ROF is 1; with medium repeating blasters, the ROF is 2; and with Heavy Repeating Blasters, the ROF is 3. This means that for every shot that is taken, this is the number of shots which are actually fired without incurring a penalty.

Example: The Imperial Snowtroopers on Hoth are about to attack a group of rebels who are defending a rear entry to the Rebel Base. The troopers have set up a Medium Repeating Blaster behind some crates. It comes time for the snowtroopers to fire. The user opens fire on the group of 6 Rebel troops in front of him. The trooper rolls his skill of 4D and makes an 20 (a good shot for an Imperial). The Rebel troops have all taken cover giving them an additional 5 to be hit which is added to the 10 base difficulty due to the range. The base difficulty to hit the troopers at short range is now 15. The Repeating Blaster’s Rate of Fire (ROF) is 2. The first and second shots are therefore calculated at a difficulty of 15 as the second shot has no penalty due to the weapon’s ROF. Both shots hit. The third and forth shot are both at -3 making the difficulty 18 which is still a hit. The fifth and sixth shots are at a penalty of -6 which give a difficulty of 21. The last 2 shots miss.

Wookiee Bowcaster

This weapon is unique to the arboreal Wookiees of Kashyyyk. The bowcaster (also called the laser crossbow) is an ancient and curious combination of an energy and a projectile weapon. The weapon requires great physical strength to cock and load. The weapon fires explosive quarrels wrapped in an energy cocoon, giving the explosive the appearance of an elongated blaster bolt.

The bowcaster can either fire a standard bolt, or a special explosive round. Both are prepared in the same method, however only Wookiees and a few select others have been taught he method of preparing the bolt. A power pack can be used to prepare either 50 standard or 25 explosive bolts. A new set of bolts of either type can be prepared in 1 hour.

A standard bolt has the same statistics as mentioned in the basic rule book, while the other is the same except that the damage is 6D (character scale).

Model: Wookiee Bowcaster
Type: Energy/Projectile weapon hybrid
Scale: Character
Skill: Bowcaster
Ammo: 6 (Quarrels; power packs can make 50 shots of normal damage bolts or 25 of special explosive rounds)
Cost: Not sold to non-Wookiees (2,500 cr)
Availability: 3, R
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 3-10/30/50
Damage: 4D or 6D
Game Notes: If a character wants to fire the weapon more than once in a round, he or she must make an Easy Strength roll to be able to aim the weapon (this is a “free action”). Reloading the weapon with new quarrels requires a moderate Strength roll.

Double Bladed Lightsabers

Type: Specialised Lightsaber
Scale: Character
Skill: Double Bladed Lightsaber
Cost: Unavailable for sale
Availability: 4, X
Difficulty: Difficult (20)
Damage: 5D
Special Rules: The Double Bladed Lightsaber gives a +5 bonus to parry rolls. The twirling of the Double Bladed Sabre creates a noise which is terrifying. So much so that it gives the user +10 to any intimidation rolls during combat.

RULES - Weapons

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