RULES - Force Powers

Whilst playing the Chronicles, I have been blessed with several Jedi Characters including Jovan, Tanlee and Daurek Lennison. Consequently, we have given most of the powers a good test run. We have made minor tweaks to a lot of the various Force Powers that have been provided by West End Games. Our biggest issue was that some of the Force Powers lent themselves to being “reactive skills” much in the same way that a Combat Dodge and a Combat Parry works. Consequently we modified the powers which could be used in this way.

Multiple Force Skill Use

When a Jedi uses a power that utilises more than one force skill, the Jedi must declare a number of actions equal to or greater than the number of skills being used. If it is the intended action of the Jedi to use the power first before any other action, the player must declare one of the skills being used. The player is not required to state what other skills are being used, nor are they required to declare what power is being used. This is also true when it comes to using powers which only use 1 force skill.

When a power is used, that has multiple skills required, the character must roll all the skill checks at the same time. The actual power however occurs in that segment much in the same way that two weapon combat occurs.

The Term “Maintained”

This term, when used in the description of a power, means that the power, once activated may be essentially left on. No further roll is required to maintain it, unless specific circumstances occur (and these will be listed in the power’s description). The only penalty of doing this is that the user will act at -1D for each skill the power uses until the power is dropped.

Example: Tanlee the Jedi has just initiated the power telekinesis to move the weight of a fallen rock off of her friend Gan-Jan Ru. It will take 2 round for the others to get Gan out, and so Tanlee must “maintain” her telekinesis power. She is not required to roll again to see if she can lift the item, but if she were to perform any further actions, she would be automatically at -1D for maintaining the power. Had she’d been using a power which uses the control and sense Force skills, she would have been at -2D.

Repeated Force Power Attempts

When a character attempts to use a force power on another and fails, every repeated attempt within a 24 hour period is increased by one difficulty level.

RULES - Force Powers

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