RULES - Character Creation


At the time of character creation, a player may give his or her character Ambidexterity at the cost of 2D of the characters skill dice. If a character wishes to become ambidextrous after character creation, the cost is as follows:

Becoming Ambidextrous
» 1 week per character point spent
» Does not require a teacher
» Minimum 1 month (35 days)
» If DEX 3D+: 20 Character Points
» If DEX 2D+: 40 Character Points

Improving Movement Attribute

At the time of character creation, a player may choose 1D of his or her skill dice to increase their character’s Move attribute by 1 meter. If the player wishes their character to increase during play, us the following:

» 5 days per character point spent
» No teacher x 2
» Minimum 5 days
» Current Move Attribute in Character Points

Dodges and Parries

To make things easier, and to conform to the Martial Arts and Lightsaber skills, the skills of Melee Parry and Brawling Parry have been removed. Both the Brawling and Melee skills are now used for attack and defence.

Specialisations work as normal.

The Dodge skill also still works as normal, except that it has no specializations.

RULES - Character Creation

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