Welcome to the personalities section of the Moon Swing Chronicles. In this section, you will find characters from the Rebellion including Dragon Squadron and Thermal Force), the Empire, the Fringe, and those of the Dark Side who bow to no master other than themselves, which inhabit this campaign.


Description: Thermal Force was created using the members of the then Mission Group Alpha. Its primary purpose was to assist with those jobs that no one could do, or wanted to do. Thermal Force managed to get their name because of their extended use of Thermal Detonators in the completion of their missions. It is unknown wether the name arose through small talk amongst the lower echelons of the Rebel Alliance in the Fakir Sector, or wether the name was created by Thermal Force themselves. Either way, the shoe fits. The members of Thermal Forced have changed over the last year to two years (game time). Those members who have left are mentioned in the Members of the Alliance Section below. The current members are Tanlee Delentres, Gan Jan-Ru, Ledala Korewa, Ace Knight, Jovan and Kobe Tenchu, all of whom are detailed in this section.


Description: The Rouge Squadron Novels and Comics have been very popular with my players, and as a result they requested me to design something a little different from the ordinary Mission Group story – namely a Pilot Based Campaign. As a result, the idea for Dragon Squadron was formed. The story centres around the newly formed DRAGON SQUADRON which came into existence as a result of an increase in Imperial and Pirate activity in the Fakir Sector. A few familiar faces from Thermal Force joined the Squadron (kind of a cross-over to keep a little continuity). The resident Jedi (Tanlee Jandaloo), and Karahaa the Wookiee made a guest appearance in the Squadron’s first adventure. During this adventure, the squadron managed to capture an Imperial Nebulon-B Frigate. The Nebulon-B, has been retro-fitted by Home Base, and is now called the “Dragon’s Lair”. Its primary purpose is to be the base of operations for Dragon Squadron, Thermal Force and the Fakir Sector Force’s Special Forces Unit. This section contains the current members of Dragon Squadron.


Description: Since the Chronicles began, the Rebellion has played an integral part in the campaign. I have presented a wide variety of characters here that the characters have encountered along their track to destroy (or at least hinder in some way) the Empire. The previous members of Thermal Force are contained here, along with those members of Dragon Squadron which have dropped out for whatever reason.


Description: This section includes those of the Empire which have taken upon themselves to rid the galaxy of “those troublesome rebels”…


Description: As every story has it light and its dark characters, there will always be room for those of the grey.


Description: In the Moon Swing Chronicles, the Dark Side of the Force is imposing to say the least. I am of the belief that most of the good Jedi are either gone, or in hiding. This section contains those Jedi and other Force users that the players have come across in their adventures.


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