PERSONALITIES - The Rebel Alliance


General Hannibal Romilar
Template: Rebel Alliance General (Human)
Quote: “If we persevere, and use our time wisely, we will triumph, and return the galaxy to its original splendour.”

Commander Midge Dankwater
Template: Kaldra Leader
Quote: “There I was…surrounded…”

Admiral Akbar
Template: Rebel Alliance Admiral (Mon Cal)
Quote: “We dream of a day when the galaxy will again be bound together by peace and justice.”

Major Lawra Mers
Template: Rebel Major
Quote: “This mission is dangerous, and perhaps suicidal, so I volunteered you on your belhalf”.

Major Daurek Lennison
Template: Rebel Alliance Major (Human)
Quote: “True power lies within the Force.”

Lieutenant Carlos Julid
Template: Rebel Intelligence Officer (Human)
Quote: “If only we had the key translation code to the Pacifiers communications array.”

Chief Medical Officer Karahaa
Template: Wookiee Medic
Quote: “Hronnk, grrll Horrwl (Don’t make me mad. You wouldn’t like me when I’m mad.)”

Ensign Troy Hasulak
Template: Slicer (Human)
Quote: “If you treat a computer with respect, it will tell you exactly what you want to know.”


Template: Rodian Infiltrator
Quote: “If it bleeds, we can kill it”.

Mikka Rekeene
Template: Rebel Alliance C&C (Human)
Quote: “Lest we never forget those who have made us who we are”.

Lieutenant Michael Pollard
Template: Rebel Mercenary
Quote: “Which grenade would you like?”

Private Jerro Tolk
Template: Young Slicer
Quote: “There is no computer system that I can’t bypass.”


Captain Sir Basil Henry LIDDELL-HART (Retired)
Template: Armchair Historian (Human)
Quote: “The nuances of this particular circumstance are similar to those which surrounded the attack which occurred at the Battle of Geonosis at the start of The Clone Wars”.

Izzy the Ewok
Template: Ewok Shaman
Quote: “Nub, nub”.

Rala Lindow
Template: Outlaw (Human)
Quote: “As long as we keep getting back at those Impies, I don’t care where you send me”.


Template: Slicing Droid
Quote: “One moment while I lock into the primary databank”

PERSONALITIES - The Rebel Alliance

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