End Credits

This section is probably the most important of all my pages.

This page is a thanks to the many people who have contributed to this page since its creation in 1996, and to those who have contributed to my Star Wars Role Playing Game campaigns from 1988 to the present day.

I would also like to give special thanks to you. Yes you! The one reading this section – for without you, I would never have had any reason to do this page in the first place.

I would now like to give thanks to the other people who assisted me in creating this page:


Korinne Bailey, Craig Campbell, Craig Clayton, John Collins, Tony Hanranhan, Michael Harvey, Felice Gordon-Houlihan, Sean Kennedy, James Martin, Douglas Meager, Peter Pfeffer, Craig Pomfret, Julie Pomfret, Eddie Radell, Mark Rogerson, Sharon Rogerson, Justin Scott, Mark Upton, Tony Wood and John Wyers

Without these people, this campaign, and all my other previous campaigns would be nothing more than mere words on paper.


George Aranda, Jamie Blakeman, Guy Bonfiglo, Drew Campbell, Tony Case, Nick Grebneff, Pablo Hidalgo, Wayne Humfleet, Kevin Powe and Eric Trautmann

These are the people who have assisted me during the years to focus and develop the story in the Chronicles. Special mention must be given to Guy who has helped me develop the nastiest Force Plot Thread this side of the wheel. Another big thanks should be given to Wayne Humfleet, an ex-WEGer and good friend who proof reads my banterings occasionally. Thanks to you all.


Mark Hudson, Darren Calvert and Stewart Werley are the men responsible for the character and ship illustrations you see in the The Moon Swing Chronicles.

Mark Hudson was the original artist for the site, and I cannot thank him enough for his help and support in this project. You can visit Mark’s homepage at this link.

Darren Calvert is the creator of the picture you would have seen when entering the site. Darren aka Yoda Boy has a unique talent, that I hope we will see more of on this page. You can visit Darren’s page at this link.

And last but not least is the talented Stewart Werley, or as many fans of the SWRPG know him, Drex Furlow. Stewart has the amazing ability of being able to render ships. I hope to also see his work on my page more often. You can visit his page at this link.


Chris, or “Skitchy” as his friends best know him, has been the one who has assisted me in the technical development of the original Moon Swing Chronicles page. I feel that I owe Chris a great amount for his help and for my understanding of HTML over 20 years later.


A large thanks must be sent out to those members of the mailing list – and you all know who you are (especially Jae Walker) – who have helped me on numerous occasions with plot ideas, rule clarifications and numerous other instances you can only begin to imagine. The mailing list has long gone the way of dial-up, but its memory lives on.


A special thanks must be given to WEG for their Role Playing System for without it, none of us would be playing in that galaxy far, far away.

I must also thank Wizards of the Coast for sending me and the rest of the GMs out there a curve ball by changing over the system from the old D6 to both D20 and then Saga Edition. The supplements though have been useful and I have bastardised a few adventures already.

Although the newcomer to the block, I will also thank Fantasy Flight Games for taking up the torch of the Star Wars Role Playing Game.


Of course, it goes without saying that without George Lucas and his company LucasFilm Ltd, that the epic we know as Star Wars would just be an idea.

End Credits

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