This is the latest part of the Chronicles site which I have been looking forward to placing here for years. Unfortunately, I’ve never been given an award to warrant it. But now, thanks to Nealos, I can, so here you have it (although still somewhat small), The Moon Swing Chronicles Awards Section

award_1.jpgThis is The Moon Swing Chronicles first award, given to us by the Star Wars Supplement Resource Centre. This is what Nealos, the Centre’s owner, had to say about the site:

“The Moon Swing Chronicles is a wonderful page indeed. This page is a terrific example of a lot of forethought, mindful execution, and an overall very enjoyable experience. I talk in other reviews of that “intangible” called experience which is very difficult to attain. Moon Swing attains it. Highlights are the Astrogation, Crew and History sections. As for the History section, don’t delve into this one until you have a pile of time to really appreciate it. It is highly in-depth and excellent. Masterful navigation, masses of info on this persons gaming “chronicles,” and that “experience” I pine for so much are the landmarks to be found here. Design steps up to plate and delivers a McGuire homer for beautiful graphics that are actually worth the loading time (check out the original art by his friend in the characters sections!). Attention to those who want to score the big one on their page – you win big by setting out to do a focused, particular facet of the SW RPG, and executing it with excellence. Only a handful of other pages do it, and [The] Moon Swing Chronicles is in the hand! Despite a few missing pages which have yet to be done, the feel of the page overwhelms you. Bravo, Ian."

awardanim.gifAnd here’s The Moon Swing Chronicles 2nd award. Here’s what the guys (Ben, Chris and Dean) from Star Wars RPG Reviewed Sites had to say:

You really can’t go wrong with these guys, there’s a fair amount of stuff covering most fields of the game, characters, ships, most supported by graphics, all very well done. And one thing I’d recommend, if you ever wonder whether you’re doing enough to keep your players happy, go to the merchandise section, and be humbled. This one’s on my favourites list, it’d not look out of place on yours. Rating: 9

This is a site with a bit of everything. Plenty of characters, starships, and the usual can be found. The Unusual stuff, though, is the best part. Detailed histories of the campaigns, a beautiful map of the sector, and even a SW calendar are also available. There’s some beautiful artwork to be found and this GM really likes to keep his players happy and motivated – see the Merchandise section for explanation. The only real shortcoming of the site is the fact that not all the sections are complete. Rating: 8.5

A good looking site that is easy to get about and easy to read. For me this site is one of the best sites available on the net. Contains a bit of everything and then some. Plenty of original artwork available too. Some great campaign material and write-ups, which includes a lovely map. Unfortunately there are some areas incomplete on the site and it doesn’t get updated very often. Overall an awesome site. Rating: 9

Greatly appreciated guys. Now if that’s not motivation to fill in some of those forgotten sections (namely the history), I don’t know what is.


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