ALIENS RACE - Ilthorians

alien-ilthorian.jpgIthorians, also known as “hammerheads,” are large, graceful creatures from the Ottega star system. They have a long neck, which curls forward and ends in a dome-shaped head.

Ithorians are perhaps the greatest ecologists in the galaxy: they have a technologically advanced society, but have devoted most of their efforts to preserving the natural and pastoral beauty of the homeworld’s tropical jungles. Ithorians live in great herd cities, which hover above the surface of the planet, and there are many Ithorian herd cities which ply the starlanes, travelling from planet to planet for trade.

Ithorians often find employment as artists, agricultural engineers, ecologists and diplomats. They are a peace-loving and gentle people.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Skills

Agriculture (KNO)
» Specialisations: Specific environment
» Time to use: at least one Standard Week. The character has a good working knowledge of crops and animal herds, and can suggest appropriate crops for a kind of soil, or explain why crop yields have been affected.

Ecology (KNO)
» Specialisation: Specific animal or plant type.
» Time to use: at least one Standard Month. The character has a good working knowledge of the interdependent nature of ecospheres, and can determine how proposed changes will affect the sphere. This skill can also be used in one minute to determine the probable role of a life-form within its biosphere: predator, prey, symbiote, parasitic or some other quick explanation of its role.

Story Factors

Herd Ships: Many Ithorians come from herd ships, which fly from planet to planet trading goods. Any character from one of these worlds is likely to meet someone that they have met before if adventuring in a civilised portion of the galaxy.

Move: 10/12
Size: Up to 2.3 meters

ALIENS RACE - Ilthorians

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