ALIENS RACE - Human (Wroorians)


Wroonians come from Wroona, a small blue world at the far edge of the Inner Rim Planets. These near-Humans’ distinguishing features are their blue skin and their dark blue hair. They tend to be a bit taller then average Humans and are often slight of build. Wroonians look Human in most other respects. Their natural Lifespan is a bit more than the average Human lifespan.

Wroona’s early oceans were filled with merchants seeking their fortune, exploeres seeking new and rich lands, and pirates waiting in the coves to take all the riches away from everyone else. This rich history carries into the lives of modern Wroonians. These people are renown for joining pirate and mercenary bands, and becoming successful free-traders, scouts and smugglers.

Wroonians are a generally easy-going race – their prime concern in life is to obtain wealth and enjoying themselves while doing it.

Wroonian society has always emphasized personal gain and material possessions. Each Wroonian has a different sense of what possessions are valued most in life, and what kinds of activities to profit from. Wealth can be measured in credits, land, the number of starships one has, or the number of contracts or jobs a Wroonian has had.

This need to obtain wealth is balanced by the Wroonians’ carefree nature. If they were more dedicated and downright vicious in grabbing at their material possessions, they could be called greedy. But they’re not. The typical Wroonian seems friendly and easy-going. Nothing seems to faze them. They’re the kind of people who laugh at danger, scoff at challenges, and have a smile for you whether you’re friend or foe. They always have a cheery disposition about them. Call then the optimists of the galaxy if you want, but Wroonians would rather see the cargo half full than half empty.

The average Wroonian is quite accepting of her fate – in most Wroonian professions, death is often a risk, yet the gain of credits and prestige (in the average Wroonian’s mind) far outweighs this risk. Their easy-going nature makes them almost naturals at making deals and meeting the right contacts. They are infamous for their lack of planning, impulsive nature, and pursuit of wealth.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Story Factors

Pursuit of Wealth: Wroonians are always concerned with their personal wealth and belongings. The more portable wealth they own, the better. While they’re not overtly greedy, almost everything they do centres around acquiring wealth and the prestige that accompanies it.

Capricious: Wroonians are also rather spontaneous and carefree. They sometimes do things because they look like fun, or seem challenging. Wroonians are infamous for taking up dares or wagers based on their spontaneous actions.

Move: 10
Size: 1.7 – 2.2 meters tall

ALIENS RACE - Human (Wroorians)

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