The Hoojibs were sentient, telepathic, energy feeding lagomorphs indigenous to Arbra, a planet which the Alliance to Restore the Republic used as a temporary headquarters after the Battle of Hoth. The Hoojibs allowed the Rebels to use their planet after the Alliance troops helped them defeat a being known as the Slivilith, who threatened their safety and their home, after the Hoojibs had drained all the Alliance’s power from the camp.

A hoojib only known as Plif befriended Tanlee when she went to perform her training with Master Adol. Plif, who had somehow managed to get onto the planet had been a companion to Master Adol, and after his death, left the planet when Tanlee did and has remained her constant companion ever since.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities

Force Sensitive: All Hoojibs are Force Sensitive and begin with 1D in Sense and Control (both dice come out of their base attribute dice). In addition, Hoojibs have telepathic skills which they use to communicate among themselves and with others. All Hoojibs have these Force Powers: Receptive Telepathy and Projective Telepathy. Whether they are able to teach non-Hoojibs these abilities or learn others themselves is up to the GM’s discretion.

Story Factors

Energy Eaters: Hoojibs take energy directly rather than metabolize it from food. They are able to absorb energy from storage devices including batteries and power packs.

The Hoojib may make a special attack where energy is drained from a blaster before it is fired. The Hoojib must make a successful brawling attack. If successful, the Hoojib may drain up to 4D worth of the weapon’s damage code. The maximum that a Hoojib can drain is 10D worth of damage code in this way in an 8 hour period. A Hoojib can also drain power from other sources such as power generators, droids, and shipboard systems. When draining a droid of energy, the energy is the droid’s Strength attribute. Other sources are at the GM’s discretion.

Non-technological: Hoojibs are simple, arboreal creatures who have never needed to develop any kind of technology since their needs have traditionally been provided by Arbra’s crystal cave. With their discovery by a Rebel Alliance survey team, some Hoojibs have ventured out to explore the galaxy.

Move: 4/6
Size: 15-30 cm in length


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