ALIENS RACE - Herglics


The planet Giju has a wide variety of life forms, but it is the Herglics who rule the world. Herglics are huge bipeds who seem to have evolved from water-dwelling mammals. They are tall, extremely wide, and fairly strong, with smooth, hairless skin that ranges in colour from light blue to nearly black. Most evidence of a water origin has been bred out of the species. Fins and flukes, for example, have been replaced by arms and legs. They still breathe through a blow hole on top of their heads, however.

Herglics became traders and explorers early in their history, reaching the stars of their neighbouring systems about the same time as the Corellians were reaching theirs. Because of their size, Herglics built everything slightly larger than Human scale. This is easy to understand, as the average Herglic has a width span slightly larger than two good sized Humans standing side by side. Their boxlike, functionally-designed freighters became common throughout their neighbouring regions once they were admitted into the Old Republic. Their inquisitive but practical natures made them welcome members of the galactic community, and their even tempers helped them get along with other species.

Giju was hit hard by the Empire, for its manufacturing centres were among the first to be commandeering by the Emperor’s New Order. The otherwise docile species tried to fight back, but the endless slaughter which followed quickly convinced them to be pragmatic about the situation. It was not practical to die fighting a superior enemy, the Herglics decided. When the smoke cleared and the dead were buried, they submitted completely to the Empire’s will.

This submission has made them a less-than-trusted member of the currently neutral worlds. Many in the New Republic feel that the Herglic betrayed the rest of the non-Human worlds when they openly joined the Empire. Though they did not enjoy freedom and the rights of Humans, they did live comfortably as they laboured for the Imperial war machine. For this reason, once the Empire fled from their sector of space, the Herglics were left with a largely intact manufacturing infrastructure, which has allowed them to get back into the competition of galactic trade much faster than worlds such as Kashyyyk and Mon Calamari.

Herglics can be encountered throughout the galaxy, though they are more likely to be seen on technologically-advanced worlds or in space-ports or recreation centres. There are two things that can disturb the otherwise docile, practical natures of the gentle giants.

The first is gambling. Once introduced to some type of game of chance, a fever seems to come over a Herglic. He spends his free time – and his credits – trying to develop a “system” which will make him rich. Before the Imperial takeover of Giju, Herglics were regularly encountered in places like Cloud City. Now they can be found in the gambling halls of the Coral Vanda and Kauri Princess, among others, placing bets and losing credits.

The second is their size. Living in a galaxy with beings who are mostly smaller than they are has made Herglics somewhat self-conscious of their size. As most galactic facilities are built to accommodate Human dimensions, the Herglics feel uncomfortable, crowded and out of place when away from their homeworld or out of their ships. They must take up two seats in restaurants and cantinas because of their bulk. They fill corridors designed for thinner beings.

And doorways require a good deal of effort to push through. Because of the distrust much of the member worlds still feel toward the Herglics, the New Republic has yet to ask them into the new government. This has not stopped them from setting up diplomatic relations, but some believe this was done to keep an eye of them. If any evidence exists that the Herglics are still working with the Empire, these diplomats will find it.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities

Natural Armour: The thick layer of blubber beneath the outer skin of a Herglic gives +1D to resist damage from physical attacks. It gives no bonus to energy attacks.

Story Factors

Distrust: Because the Herglics openly joined the Empire in order to survive, they have come to be seen as less than worthy of trust. Many still believe that the neutral Herglics are still working with the Empire, which gives others a +1D when making opposed Perception checks against the Herglics.

Gambling Frenzy: Herglics, when exposed to games of chance, find themselves irresistibly drawn to them. A Herglic who passes by a gambling game must make a Moderate willpower check not to feel compelled to play, although they may be granted a bonus to their roll if it is critical or life-threatening for them not to play.

Move: 6/8
Size: 1.7 – 1.9 meters

ALIENS RACE - Herglics

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