Gotals are large bipeds who are easily recognised by the two cone-shaped growths which rise from the tops of their heads. Gray-brown skin, flat noses and protruding brows highlight their faces. The rest of their bodies are covered in shaggy gray fur.

These beings hail from the fourth moon orbiting the gas giant world of Antar. Gotals have developed the ability to sense emanations which are invisible and undetectable to most other species. The cones atop their heads are filled with sensitive nerve endings and receptor cells which have adapted to the fluctuations in magnetic fields and other energy waves. Infrared emanations, radio waves, and most other forms of energy can be detected and distinguished by the nerves and cells in the Gotals’ cones.

The typical Gotal’s eyes and ears are primitive compared to the sensory organs in his head cones. These cones can detect and analyse energy waves which most other beings are not even aware of. A Gotal also has a sense of touch and taste, but he lacks the ability to smell.

Gotal hunters on their homeworld have learned to sense prey as far away as ten kilometres. Without visual confirmation, a Gotal can determine the number of animals in a particular area, what types are present, and which ones are healthy or ill. When a Gotal gets closer to its intended target, he can sense the animal’s electromagnetic aura. This provides him with information concerning the prey’s mood, awareness, and the state of mind. These same sensory abilities have made Gotal some of the most sought after hunters in the galaxy.

In Gotal communities, sensory cones are used to monitor the moods, desires and thoughts of community members. This allows them to avoid angry Gotals, to share in the joy of happy Gotals, and to seek out depressed Gotals in order to cheer them up. They converse to convey abstract ideas and specific information, but never to express emotion or feelings. For these reasons, Gotal communities are among the most harmonious civilisations in the galaxy.

In mating and rearing young, Gotals have avoided the elaborate courting rituals favoured by so many other species. These beings sense love as soon as it occurs, and act accordingly. They mate for life and bear young as soon as their lifestyles permit.

The Gotal civilisation is technologically on par with the more-advanced non-human societies. Like the Mon Calamarians, they have succeeded in reaching the stars, but it wasn’t until the Old Republic arrived with Hyperdrives that they truly joined the galactic community. Even so, many species are uncomfortable around Gotals. They consider themselves to be at a disadvantage when dealing with the overly sensitive Gotals, who sometimes appear to have supernatural powers to the more-superstitious species. Because of their ability to sense in a wide variety of spectrums and to analyse this data logically, Gotals make shrewd competitors in the business, political and gambling arenas.

Gotals do not like Droids, for the high-energy out put from Droid brains overloads their senses. This also occurs with some other forms of technology, especially those machines which combine or produce different forms of energy at the same time.

The species also has a hard time interpreting the emotions of alien races. Affection is often mistaken for love, anger for imminent violence, envy for murderous intent. With sufficient exposure to alien species, most Gotals learn to overcome this difficulty. It is rumoured that the Duinuogwuin-Gotal conflict had its roots in this problem, and only the intervention of Jedi mediators were able to stave off full-scale war.

Antar Four has yet to respond to the overtures of the New Republic. It remains neutral, sending its people out to act as scouts, trackers, mercenaries and even bounty hunters for the other unaligned societies. While they are considering the offer to join the New Republic, the Gotals have made it clear that they want nothing to do with the Empire, for they sense nothing but evil in the emotions of the Empire’s agents.

Because Gotals can practically read the minds of other species, they are usually diplomatic and polite – unless they sense evil intentions in those they are interacting with. They speak in monotones, and many species mistrust them.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities

Energy Sensitivity: Because Gotals are unusually sensitive to radiation emissions, they receive a +3D to their search skill when hunting targets in wide open areas of up to 10 kilometres around them. In crowded areas, such as towns and cities, the bonus drops to +1D, and the range drops to less than one kilometer. In areas with intense radiation, they suffer a -1D penalty to search because their senses are overwhelmed by radiation static.

Mood Detection: By reading the auras and moods of others, Gotals receive a positive or negative bonus when engaging in interactive skills with other characters. The Gotal makes a Moderate Perception check and adds the following bonus to his Perception skills when making opposed rolls for the rest of that encounter.


Fast Initiative: Gotals who are not suffering from radiation static receive a +1D when rolling initiative against non-Gotal opponents. This is due to their ability to read the emotions and intentions of others.

Story Factors

Droid Hate: Gotals dislike Droids because the emissions produced by Droids overwhelm their special senses. They receive a -1D to all Perception-based skill rolls when within three meters of a Droid.

Reputation: Because of the Gotal’s reputation as being overly sensitive to moods and feelings, other species are uncomfortable dealing with them. This often hurts them in matters of haggling, as any species who knows their reputation will not put themselves into a situation where any dealing must take place. Assign modifiers as appropriate.

Move: 10/15
Size: 1.8-2 meters tall


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