ALIEN RACE - Zeltron

250px-Deliah_Blue.jpgZeltrons have been gifted with the art of laziness, and they all do very well at it. Since the entire planet has been converted to a pleasure world, work is seen as a unnecessary act, and so has been declared as an offence by the Monarchy.

Zeltrons are known throughout the galaxy as people to have fun with. Unfortunately, the Zeltrons think so too. May a Zeltron has been known to follow other spacers and adventurers for years in a type of love-lust.

Zeltron’s skin is a deep pink, and their hair is purple. When a Zeltron is encountered, it may be found that he or she looks like somebody familiar. Many cases of this occurrence have been recorded throughout the galaxy. Why this occurs is unknown.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities

Charm: The Zeltrons, although a great shade of deep pink are known throughout the galaxy for their shapely bodies and irresistible smiles. It is believed that their is not a single bad looking Zeltron in the known galaxy. For this reason, Zeltrons gain +2D to Bargain, Con, Gambling and Persuasion when dealing with the opposite sex. Another condition is that both parties must be able to see each other and not just via comlink or subspace radio.

Opposite Sex Attraction: If a Zeltron sees another humanoid of the opposite sex, and this person is involved with the Zeltron is some way, the Zeltron must make a Moderate willpower roll at -2D. If the roll fails, the character falls in love with the other. This is modified by the allegiance the two have together.

Story Factors

Pleasure Planet: The Zeltrons come from the planet of Zeltros. Zeltros is one of the most comfortable places in the universe. No work is allowed by any Zeltron and has been deemed to be an offence by the Monarch. All labour is taken care of by droids and other aliens in charge of repairs, etc. Zeltros is pro-Rebellion although while the Imperial Officers and Governors keep feeding the planet with money, who cares.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.4 – 2 meters tall

ALIEN RACE - Zeltron

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