ALIEN RACE - Trianii

portrait.anthuana.jpgTrianii have inadvertently become a major thorn in the side of the Corporate Sector Authority. The Trianii evolved from feline ancestors, with semi-prehensile tails and sleek fur. They have a wide range of coloration. They have excellent balance, eyesight, and hunting instincts. Trianii females are generally stronger, faster and more dexterous than the males, and their society is run by tribunals of females called yu’nar.

Much of their female-dominated society is organised around their religious ways. Dance, art, music, literature, even industry and commerce, revolve around their religious beliefs. In the past, they had numerous competing religions, ranging from fertility cults to large hierarchical orthodoxies. These diverse religions peaceably agreed upon a specific moral code of conduct and beliefs, building a religious coalition that has lasted for thousands of years.

Most Trianii are active in the traditional faith of their family and religious figures are held in great regard. Tuunac, current prefect of the largest Trianii church, has visited several non-Trianii worlds to spread their message of peace.

Trianii are fiercely independent and self-reliant. Never content with what they have, Trianii are driven to explore. They have established colonies in no less than six systems, including Pypin and Fibuli. Trianii colonies are completely independent civilisations, founded by people seeking a different way of life.

The Trianii controlled their space in peace. Then, the Corporate Sector Authority expanded toward Trianii space. By most reckoning, with tens of thousands of systems to be exploited, the Authority need never have come into conflict with the Trianii. Such thinking ignores greed, the principle upon which the Authority was founded.

The Authority has always appreciated the wisdom of letting others do the hard work, then swooping down to steal the profits. With these worlds already explored and studied, there was the opportunity to use the colonists’ work for the Authority’s benefit.

The Authority tried to force the Trianii to leave, but the colonists fought back. Eventually, the famed Trianii Rangers, the independent space force of the Trianii people, interceded. Their efforts have slowed the predations of the Authority, but the conflicts have continued. The Authority recently annexed Fibuli, possibly triggering war between the Trianii and the Authority. The Empire has remained apart from this conflict.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Skills

Acrobatics (STR)
» Specialisations: None
» Time to use: One round. This is the skill of tumbling, jumping and other complex movements. This skill is often used in sports and athletic competitions, or as part of dance. Characters making acrobatics rolls can also reduce falling damage. The difficulty is based on the distance fallen.


Special Abilities

Prehensile Tail: Trianii have limited use of their tails. They have enough control to move light objects (under three kilograms), but the control is not fine enough to move heavier objects or perform fine manipulation (for example, aim a weapon).

Special Balance: +2D to all actions involving climbing, jumping, acrobatics or other actions requiring balance.

Claws: Add +1D to brawling damage.

Dexterous: At the time of character creation, Trianii get +2D bonus skill dice to add to Dexterity skills.

Female Physical Superiority: After allocating attribute dice, female Trianii characters get to add +1 to their Dexterity and Strength at the time of character creation.

Story Factors

Feud with the Authority: The Trianii have a continuing conflict with the Corporate Sector Authority. While there is no open warfare, the two groups are openly distrustful; these intense emotions are very likely to simmer over into battle.

Trianii Rangers: The Rangers are the honoured independent space force of the Trianii.

Move: 12/14
Size: 1.5 – 2.2 meters tall

ALIEN RACE - Trianii

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