Ewoks are serious, good-natured, furred bipeds that stand about one meter tall. They have a primitive, tribal culture that has not yet advanced beyond spears, bow and arrows. They inhabit the forest moon of Endor, living in tree-top village clusters high above the forest’s floor.

Ewoks communicate in a liquid, expressive language that can be learned and spoken by Humans. They have developed a trade language that combines simple Galactic Standard with the Ewok tongue. Since the Battle of Endor, this Galactic Standard-Ewok combination has served to solidify their friendship with the New Republic. The Ewoks are clearly intelligent and are quick learners, showing both fear of and fascination with technology.

The giant trees of the forest moon, many of which grow taller than three hundred meters, are home to the Ewok people, and much of the Ewok culture is tied into these majestic giants.

While Ewoks tend to be easily startled by the new and unexpected, they are also fierce warriors, expert hunters and remarkable trackers. Life in their predator-filled forest has made them cautious and suspicious by nature, but they are also brave, alert, exceedingly curious and extremely loyal once their trust has been earned.

The forest moon appears peaceful, but the inhabitants know that appearances can be deceiving. Days are spent foraging for food along the forest floor, but the night belongs to larger predators than the Ewoks. At night, the forest takes on a darker, more dangerous air, and few Ewoks leave the safety of the trees once the sun has set.

Village clusters are built around the wide trunks of the massive trees. Where trees crowd together, public squares are constructed of open platforms spread between the closely-spaced trunks. Huts are made of mud, thatch, wood and cloth, often using the tree trunks as inner walls. The villages are suspended high above the forest floor, connected one to another by wooden walkways, stairs, ladders, and swinging vines.

Ewok religion is complex and highly spiritual, centred around nature and the giant trees. Legends refer to the trees as guardian spirits, and the name Ewok actually means “people of the trees.” The trees are believed to be intelligent, long-lived beings who care for and protect the Ewoks. Village shamans interpret the many signs and portents that fill the superstitious lives of the Ewoks. The Ewoks have a strong belief in the supernatural, and it is believed that many of the shamans can call upon miraculous powers – a clear indication of some aptitude with the Force, although the Ewoks don’t recognise the Force as such.

The Ewoks have a rich musical culture. Music plays a major part in religious ceremonies, celebrations and storytelling. It is also used as a means for long-range communications. Visitors can often hear moving, haunting religious ballads echoing through the forest, many of which hearken back to the earliest period in Ewok culture. Drums resound among the massive trees, relaying information and warnings from one village cluster to the next. Ewok dance and celebratory music shows the true nature of these tree-dwelling people – it expresses a wide range of emotions, but is often happy and full of joy. Though their instruments are primitive, a talented Ewok musician can coax the most expressive and beautiful sounds out of them.

Ewoks are totally loyal to their tribes, pledging their very lives to the defence of their people, communities and trees. They have a natural sense of community, and this has shown itself even among those Ewoks who have chosen to join the New Republic. Ewoks adopt whatever companions they are with, creating surrogate tribal clusters when they are away from their homes.

While they are technologically primitive by galactic standards, Ewoks are nevertheless inventive. They are experts at crafting tools, weapons and simple traps, and more challenging devices have been made using wood, stone, cloth and vines. Ewoks have even designed and built crude gliders for travelling between the trees. Advanced machinery often makes Ewoks nervous and wary – at first. Once their natural fear wears off, their curiosity sets in. Then a child-like desire to play forces them to experiment with the unfamiliar items. Many Ewoks have learned to operate repulsorlift vehicles and blasters, but they remain committed to their traditional bows, slings and spears.

Ewoks have poor vision, but a heightened sense of smell has been developed to compensate for this deficiency. They can track by scent alone and can use this sense of smell to detect predators and prey.

Endor’s forest moon has had little contact with the Empire since the Imperial defeat at the Battle of Endor. The New Republic has set up a trading post, but the absence of a central Ewok government has made further diplomatic missions impractical. The tales of Luke Skywalker, the golden Droid See-Threepio, and Princess Leia have spread throughout the village clusters, however, and they and their New Republic companions are considered trusted friends of the people of the trees.

Intelligent omnivores from the forest moon of Endor, Ewoks are known as the species which helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Empire. Prior to the Battle of Endor, Ewoks were almost entirely unknown, although some traders had visited the planet prior to the Empire’s Death Star project.

The creatures stand about one meter tall, and are covered by thick fur. Individuals often wear hoods, decorative feathers and animal bones. They have very little technology and are a primitive culture, but during the Battle of Endor demonstrated a remarkable ability to learn and follow commands.

They are quite territorial, but are smart enough to realise that retreat is sometimes the best course of action. They have an excellent sense of smell, although their vision isn’t as good as that of Humans.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Skills

Thrown weapons (DEX)
» Specialisations: bow, rocks, sling, spear
» Time to use: One round. The character may take the base skill and/or any of the specialisations.

Glider (MEC)
» Specialisations: None
» Time to use: One round. This ability allows characters to pilot gliders.

Primitive construction (TEC)
» Specialisations: None
» Time to use: One hour for gliders and rope bridges; several hours for small structures, catapults, and similar constructs. This is the ability to structures out of wood, vines and other natural materials with only primitive tools. This skill is used to build sturdy houses, vine bridges, and rock-hurling catapults (damage value: 2D, Speeder scale).

Special Abilities

Skill bonus: At the time the character is created only, the character receives 2D for every 1D placed in the hide, or search skills.

Skill limits: Beginning characters may not place any skill dice in any vehicle (other than glider) or other high tech operations or repair skill.

Smell: Ewoks have a highly developed sense of smell, receiving a +1D to their search skill when tracking by scent. This ability may not be improved.

Story Factors

Protectiveness: Most Human adults will feel unusually protective of Ewoks, wanting to protect them like young children. Because of this, Humans can also be very condescending to Ewoks. Ewoks, however, are mature and inquisitive – and unusually tolerant of the Human attitude.

Move: 7/9
Size: 1 meter


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