portrait.defel.jpgDefel, or wraiths, look like bipedal shadows with red eyes and long, white fangs. In ultraviolet light, they can be seen in all their glory. Defel have stocky, fur covered bodies. Their long, triple-jointed fingers end in vicious claws. They have protruding snouts, and gill like slits at the base of their jaws. These beings stand about 1.3 meters in height, and usually have shoulder widths of 1.2 meters.

Defel originated on the planet of Af’El, which orbits the ultraviolet super giant sun of Ka’Dedus. The chemical makeup of Af’El’s atmosphere blocks all forms of light except for ultraviolet, forcing life on the world to evolve visual senses which could respond to the ultraviolet rays. Defel and other life forms on Af’El are completely blind to other wavelengths.

Defel have an additional adaptation which cause the beings to absorb other wavelengths of light. This gives the Defel the appearance of shadows. Some speculate that this adaptation was in response to a now-extinct predator which was able to produce light in ranges below ultraviolet in order to locate prey.

Defel live in great underground cities. The terrible storms spawned by Af’El’s churning atmosphere make surface living difficult at Defel society’s level of technology. The major industries on the planet are mining and metallurgy. Because of the world’s climate, agriculture has never been developed and the planet’s inhabitants survived by simple hunting and foraging.

The planet is rarely visited. A freighter from Vulca Minerals Corporation braves the heavy gravity once every standard year in order to pick up cargo and bring trade goods.

The Defel people are tough, independent beings who hold their words above all else. A Defel who makes a promise will do his best to keep that promise. Because of this, they will have nothing to do with beings who break promises made to them.
When they leave their planet, Defel wear special visors which allow them to “see” light wavelengths other than ultraviolet. They often find employment as hired muscle, spies and even assassins because of their shadowy forms.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Specials Skills

Blind Fighting (DEX)
» Specialisations: None
» Time to use: One round. Defel can apply dice to their skill, which allows them to fight using melee weapons or hand-to-hand combat when deprived of their special sight visors or when otherwise rendered blind. A Defel may ignore all blindness penalties when using this skill, since this skill trains the Defel to use their sense of smell and hearing to aid them in combat.

Special Abilities

Invisibility: Gives the Defel a +3D when using the sneak skill.

Claws: Defels have natural claws which they can use in hand-to-hand combat. Claws cause damage of Strength +2D.

Light Blind: Defels can only see in ultraviolet wavelengths. In any other type of light, they are completely blind. To rectify this problem, Defels wear special sight visors which allow them to “see” by blocking out all light waves except ultraviolet. However, if the Defel loses his visor, and must make any skill checks requiring sight (such as combat, search or sneak attempts), the difficulty is increased by one level.

Story Factors

Reputation: Defels are considered nothing more than a frightening myth by the majority of the galaxy. Therefore, when they are encountered, they are considered to be supernatural beings to many, especially unsophisticated individuals. Even the least superstitious beings are unsettled by these “invisible” aliens.

Move: 10/13
Size: 1.1 – 1.5 meters


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