ALIEN RACE - Barabel


Barabels are vicious, bipedal reptiloids. They stand from 1.75 to 2.5 meters tall. The horny black keratin scales that cover their bodies, as well as the long, needle-like teeth which fill their huge mouths, give them a fierce, frightening countenance.

Barabels inhabit the dark, humid world of Barab I, which orbits the red-dwarf star called Barab. The world has long been the refuge of spice smugglers and other criminals, and it occasionally serves as a hunting ground for sport hunters, but otherwise it rarely receives galactic traffic. For this reason, few Barabels have made their way off-planet, and the species is not widely known.

Barabels have a complex and unusual physiology, due to the harsh nature of their homeworld, Barab I. The planet orbits close to its red-dwarf sun, which bathes it with intense radiation throughout the daylight hours. The heat and radiation cause most of the free-standing water on the planet to evaporate, leaving Barab a humid, hazy world.

Because of the intense radiation, Barabels, animals, and even some mobile plants, take refuge in caves, deep crevices, and other natural shelters. Other plants have survived by wrapping themselves in reflective cocoons, taking on the appearance of mirror-like bulbs, stalks and pods.

When darkness falls, the world becomes a different place. The plants open, the animals emerge from their hiding places, and rain falls as the world cools. In this arena of nocturnal life, Barabels rule supreme. They evolved as hunters, and they have made an art out of finding prey and bringing it down.

Physically, Barabels have slit-like pupils which collect energy from the infrared to yellow spectrums, allowing them to see in darkness as well as normal daylight conditions. The black scales which cover their bodies are made of sturdy, protein-based keratin. It provides the hunters with natural body armour which is resistant to punctures and blows. They have even been known to shrug off light blaster bolt hits.

The major Barabel city is Alater-ka, an interlocking network of caverns surrounding an underground spaceport. The spaceport’s facilities are crude, but sporting hunters fill the tourist lodges as they come from all over the galaxy to hunt the terrible beasts which roam Barab I’s nights. Barabels serve as porters and guides, and a few have accepted commissions as bounty hunters in other parts of the galaxy.

However, the majority of the species remains untamed, and uncivilised, living as they have for thousands of years despite the advanced technology that has been brought to their world.

Barabels have a deep respect for the Jedi Knights of old, and a few have even tried to emulate the Jedi tradition – despite little aptitude in the Force. Even in the face of Imperial persecution, many Barabels refused to denounce the Jedi or Force. They point to the legend of the Barabel War. When the vicious hunters split into two warring factions over access to choice hunting grounds, it seemed the entire species was destined to join the coming battle. But Jedi Knights passing through the system intervened. They listened to both sides and passed fair judgment, stopping a war that would have killed many Barabels and restoring peace to the world.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities

Natural Body Armour: Gives the Barabel +2D against physical attacks and +1D against energy attacks.

Radiation Resistance: Barabels have natural resistance to most forms of radiation. They receive a +2D when defending against the effects of radiation.

Vision: Barabels can see in the infrared spectrum, allowing them to see in complete darkness provided that there are heat sources.

Story Factors

Jedi Respect: Barabels have a deep respect for Jedi Knights, though they have little ability in the Force. They almost always yield to the commands of a Jedi Knight.

Reputation: Barabels have a reputation as fierce warriors and great hunters. They are often feared, and always given a wide berth except by the most fierce individuals.

Move: 11/14
Size: 1.9 – 2.2 meters

ALIEN RACE - Barabel

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