Troy Hasulak

Rebel Slicer (Lieutenant)


Troy was born on the desert planet of Zalconia. Both of his parents were part of Imperial Intelligence, and at a very early age young Troy learned the ways of the New Order. Troy found a great fascination with computers, learning quickly from your parents. His mother was a pleasant woman and always seemed strange that she was involved with the Empire. It was far from a good fit. His father in comparison was a hard man, and enjoyed the thrill of assisting the Empire in the elimination of the Rebellion. At about 10 years old, Troy moved with his family to Mitus, a mining world in the Relgim Sector. Troy learned that they were sent to Mitus to help with an experiment being conducted on the planet.

The planet was a grim place. A barren landscape, with large storms a constant occurrence across the grey dead surface. The world was almost in a constant state of darkness. The Empire had set up a small facility on the planet where Troy and his family lived, its location far from the main starport city. Life on the base was not unpleasant with at least 10 other families also manning the facilities, and many of them had children. Troy however found it difficult to socialise with the other children, finding the solace of computers and droids more to his liking. Troy also had a very curious nature, and desperately wanted to know what experiments were being performed on the planet. Many times Troy would delve into the computer network, only to find the files were heavily encoded, which only made the young boy all the more curious.

Troy wanted to learn as much about the codes as possible, swearing that one day he would learn how to access the files. That day eventually came upon his 13th birthday. As Troy finally broke down the firewalls, a priority alert was raised in the facility, increasing the security levels of security of the system, its AIs shutting down all access to the system. The only thing that Troy was able to identify was that the research appeared to be biological in nature and somehow involved human test subjects.

As the alert was raised for all personnel to evacuate, Troy overheard some officers stating that a number of the Imperial officers had gone crazy, and were heading for the emergency shuttles. This, plus the computer core shut down was enough for Troy to become even more fascinated with what he had been locked out of. Troy immediately went to the shuttle bay to investigate.

After a little while, Troy saw one man dressed in a black jumpsuit steal one of the shuttles and take off. He was followed by Imperial troops but managed to escape. Troy later learned that the officer was killed while trying to escape, which he knew was not true. Perhaps Troy would one day find out who he was.

At about 14 years old, Troy’s mother was killed in an “accident” involving a radiation distributor – or so the official report said. Not happy with the explanation he was given, Troy delved into the computer systems, using his finely honed skills. After about a year of playing with the computer network, Troy came across a heavily encrypted file within his father’s computer system. There, Troy found information that showed that his mother had been killed because she had been found to be a Rebel sympathiser, and was leaking vital information to the Rebel Alliance. Troy also found that his father was the one responsible for her death, and had ordered the “accident” which appeared to have secured his position in the ISB. Troy, enraged with his discovery, confronted his father, only to be sent away to a Corellian boarding school. From that day Troy learned to hate the Empire, in particular, his father.

Whilst at school, Troy befriended other computer hackers who felt the same way he did about the Empire. Eventually, Troy’s prying lead to a secure file pertaining to the incident on Mitus. Troy discovered that shortly after he left the facility, it was attacked and destroyed by rebels. He had initially hoped that the attack had killed his father, but that was not to be.

One day, Troy and his friends was approached by a teacher at the school who asked they would be interested in assisting in an assignment he was conducting. The teacher provided the incentive of extra credit, but that was quickly found to not be necessary. The project was to break an active AI Code, like none that he and his friends had seen before. The teacher, was later found to be a rebel agent who was stealing information from the Empire.

Troy became infatuated by the teacher’s stories of attacks from within the Imperial Network and with the adventure and excitement of high risk infiltration missions. Troy would stay up all night asking a multitude of questions about the rebellion against the Empire. Eventually, when Troy turned 17, the teacher recruited Troy and assisted him to escape from the school, along with some of the other children in order to join the Alliance.

Initiallly, Troy was sent to the Training Facility on Ksift in the Mortex Sector. Whilst there, Troy befriended a female mercenary named Tanlee Jandaloo, and her Wookiee companion, Karahaa. Those two stuck together like glue. The three became close friends and were even sent to the Helkio system, after your training, to work in a rebel cell. Troy’s commanding officer was Lieutenant Daurek Lenisen who was a good and fair leader, who worked well with the group.

Some 6 months after being transferred to Helkio, the cell was compromised by an Imperial spy, who had been working covertly as a member of the rebel cell. Troy, Daurek, Tanlee and Karahaa went into hiding and waited for a rescue. After a ferocious battle in the hanger bay in the main city, the group was rescued by a female smuggler named Ledala and her associate, a notorious bounty hunter named Gan Jan-Ru. After leaving the planet, and returning the rebel base, Daurek somehow convinced the smuggler and her armoured associate to join the rebellion, and soon after were all sent to the Fakir Sector Force as a Mission Group.

Troy prefers the company of other computer slicers, droids or computers. He loves to try and access the almost impossible program. He is easy to talk to and if asked to do something on a computer, will do it just for the challenge. He hates to be shown up by other hackers and will try to get them back.

“If you treat a computer with respect, it will tell you exactly what you want to know.”

Template: Slicer
Blaster 3D, Dodge 3D+2, Running 3D+1
Languages: Binary Code (Astromech Droid) 4D
Communications 4D+2, Sensors 3D+1, Space Transports 3D+1
Forgery 4D
Computer Programming/Repair 8D, Droid Programming 5D, Droid Repair 6D, Repulsorlift Repair 4D+1, Security 4D+1
Force Points: 4
Character Points: 7
Move: 10
Equipment: Imperial Arms Model 22T4 Hold-Out Blaster (Damage 3D+1), Portable Computer (5D Storage; +1D to Computer Programming/Repair skill), Computer Repair kit, Droid repair kit, tool jacket, Astromech Droid R2-T6, Bio-Scanner

chrpic-troyold.gifBy the time of the New Republic, Troy was a Department Head of New Republic Intelligence and was well known for slicing many of the more complex systems within the Imperial Security Core once the New Republic took control of Coruscant. Troy was later given access to learn whatever could be obtained from the heavily damaged Jedi Archives which were found mostly intact having been long thought lost.

Troy Hasulak

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