Wookiee Medical Specialist (Lieutenant)


Quote: “Hronnk, grrll Horrwl (Don’t make me mad. You wouldn’t like me when I’m mad.)”

Since Karahaa was young, she has looked towards the stars for adventure. Karahaa had stayed on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk for many years – learning about herbs, and healing medicines from her mother, who was a nurse – before adventuring. Karahaa’s father was an engineer on a smuggler’s ship. When Karahaa discovered her “wanderlust”, he taught her the tricks of his trade. With this under her belt, Karahaa ventured into the realm of the unknown.

While wandering the galaxy, the Empire took control of the galaxy. Karahaa, discovering that Kashyyyk had been taken over by the Empire, dove for the shadows. She was found by a an elderly, and kind merchant, Thod Nicos. Thod was “getting to old for this sort of thing”, and took her under his wing. Thod was a man of little words, and enjoyed Karahaa’s company in his final years. This employment worked well for a few years.. Unfortunately, after about 8 years of working together, Thod died of old age.

Thod’s family was very greedy, and after Thod’s death, they took what was left of his business, and sold all of what Karahaa had grown to love. Karahaa was thrown out into the streets to fend for herself. After a year of one-off jobs, she became employed by a smuggling firm, lead by a Gotal of ill-repute by the name of Ertan Scellan. He ran the firm with an iron fist. Reluctantly, Karahaa worked for him for about 4 years.

About 4 years ago, during a routine drop-off, the ship Karahaa was on was captured by Imperials. Karahaa and the rest of the crew were enslaved in an Imperial Prison on Rordak. Karahaa was forced to help mines for minerals required by the Empire for use in their war machines. Eventually, she was rescued by a female human named Tanlee Jandaloo and a group of rebel commandos. As a result, Karahaa honoured the Wookiee Life Debt, and began to follow her around, protecting her wherever possible. Tanlee wasn’t sure of this at first, but she soon found that Karahaa was a great asset. Until recently, Karahaa and Tanlee had been together at all times. When Tanlee joined the Rebellion, so did Karahaa. Karahaa’s and Tanlee’s first assignment was to a rebel cell on a small planet in the Mortex Sector called Helkio. There they met Troy Hasulak, and Daurek Lenisen. It wasn’t until, the cell was compromised that Karahaa (like the others in the cell) met Ledala and Gan.

Karahaa’s most recent achievement was to assist with the development of the cure for Blue Harvest. This action has gained Karahaa a great respect in the Rebel Alliance, so much so that on occasions, she is given command of the “Home” Base’s medical staff and facilities.

Fun Fact
Karahaa’s parents turned “green” after she left Kashyyk. Both her parents became members of the Laarkorynn (a sect of Wookiees that have shunned technology), and travelled to Seslont, a planet hidden amongst the clouds of the nebula known as Tysoon’s Barrier. Recently, Dragon Squadron was forced to rescue the Laarkorynn after they were discovered by the Empire and sold into slavery.

Template: Wookiee Medic
Blaster 4D, Bowcaster 4D+1, Brawling Parry 4D+1, Dodge 5D, Melee Combat 3D+2, Melee Parry 4D, Running 5D
Intimidation 3D, Streetwise 3D
Astrogation 3D+1, Sailed Nautical Vessel Operation 3D+1, Sensors 4D+1, Starship Gunnery 4D
Command 4D+1, Search 3D+1, Sneak 4D
First Aid 5D, (A) Medicine 2D, Space Transports Repair 4D
Special Abilities:
Berserker Rage: Damage is STR+2D when brawling in berserker rage. Wookiees are -1D to all Knowledge and Perception skills while in Berserker Rage. When attempting to calm down while enemies are present, the Wookiee must make a Moderate Perception roll. At this time, the Wookiee is -1D to the roll, with a minimum of 1D. When all enemies are gone, the Wookiee must make an Easy Perception roll with no penalties.
Climbing: +2D to Climbing due to claws.

Force Points: 5
Character Points: 30


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