(PC) Gan Jan-Ru

Independent Bounty Hunter


Gan’s history is shrouded in mystery. The only things that are known about him are that he was once the member of a crack-security squad in the Corporate Sector Authority; that he was at some stage savaged by a renegade Wookiee; and that he is the cousin of Ledala Korewa (by marriage only). Gan joined the ranks of Thermal Force only to really look after his cousin, however, in the past 2 years, that attitude has changed somewhat.

More recently, Gan has showed that he has some knowledge regarding an Imperial Research Facility on the planet of Mitus in the Relgim Sector. What his involvement in this area is unknown.

It has also been rumoured that Gan was once married to a woman by the name of Zardra. Zardra is believed to be another bounty hunter of ill-repute, who for some reason has spent the last few years doing everything she could to rid the galaxy of Gan and his Thermal Force friends.

Fun Fact:
Gan, until recently, has refused to take off his armour, preferring the added mystery that his armour gives him. Gan is played by Mark Rogerson

“If I was your father, I would have wasted you on the synth-sheets.”


(As at Volume 5 – Episode 2)

Blaster 5D, Blaster: Heavy Blaster Pistol 7D, Blaster: Light Repeating Blaster 8D, Dodge 6D+1, Melee Combat 5D
Intimidation 3D+2, Languages 3D, Streetwise 3D+1, Willpower 3D+1, Value 3D
Astrogation 3D, Communications 3D, Jet Pack Operation 4D, Repulsorlift Operation 3D+2, Sailed Nautical Vessel Operation 3D, Sensors 3D, Space Transports 4D, Starfighter Piloting 4D, Starship Gunnery 5D, Starship Shields 3D, Swoop Operation 3D
Bargain 4D, Command 4D+1, Gambling 4D+2, Hide 3D+1, Search 4D+2, Sneak 5D
Climbing/Jumping 4D, Lifting 3D+2, Swimming 4D
Armour Repair 2D+2, Armour Repair: Bounty Hunter Armour 4D, (A) Bounty Hunter Armour Engineering 2D, Blaster Repair 3D, First Aid 3D+2, Security 3D, Starship Weapons Repair 3D
Force Points: 5
Character Points: 8
Cyber Points: 2
Move: 10
Equipment: Modified Corellian Bounty Hunter Armour (coming soon), Light Repeating Blaster, 2 Heavy Blaster Pistols, Jet-Pack, cybernetic enhancements to increase perception.

(As at Volume 4 – Episode 12)

Dodge 7D
Alien Species 3D, Intimidation 4D, Streetwise 5D, Willpower 4D, Astrogation 3D+1
(A) Bounty Bunter Armour Engineering 3D, First Aid 4D, Space Transport Repair 3D
Force Points: 5
Character Points: 13

(PC) Gan Jan-Ru

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