STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles

The Moon Swing Chronicles - CHAPTER 1


It was a dark time for the Rebellion. Since the destruction of the Death Star, the Emperor has become obsessed with stamping out the heirs of the Old Republic and those who oppose his rule. In turn, he has increased his Imperial War Machine and is now scouring the galaxy for the hidden Rebel Fleet.

In the mean time, as news of the destruction of the Death Star circulates, various factions throughout the galaxy have seen the destruction as a glimmer of hope in the rebellion against the Empire.

One of these groups is the Fakir Sector Force. Formed when the Rebellion first began, and operating from a heavily modified Tsukkian water freighter aptly named, “Home”, which operates as a haven for smugglers and rebel soldiers alike.

But the Rebellions dreams may be halted as the Empire increases it hold on the Fakir Sector. No to be bested by the Empire, Alliance High Command has sent a highly trained mission group to the sector in an old Correllian freighter named – THE MOON SWING


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