STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles

The Moon Swing Chronicles - CHAPTER 5


There had been dark days in the era of the Empire, but this was one of the darkest. After travelling to the Bespin System to visit Ledala Korewa’s sister on Cloud City, the members of THERMAL FORCE were immersed in a plot to turn Cloud City and its residents into a massive floating weapons platform.

After dealing with the murder of Ledala’s sister, with the help of Ledala’s long lost father Orun Korewa, the heroes managed to disable a rogue Artificial Intelligence known as EXO-1, and foil a plot by THE EMPIRE to take control of Cloud City.

Little did the group know that hiding in the shadows of the pandemonium lurked a dangerous foe. One that tracked the group to the floating metropolis with one ambition – to kill the members of Thermal Force.

In the meantime, back in the Fakir Sector, the Imperial stranglehold has tightened. A move that without the help of Thermal Force could threaten the Rebellion’s chances of success in the sector…


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