STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles

The Moon Swing Chronicles - CHAPTER 4


A cloud of darkness has engulfed the members of Thermal Force. After leaving the company of the sinister crime-lord Lorrak Betonwatt-Crude, Thermal Force has raced across the sector to deliver an important cargo to the mayor of the capital city on U’Tan.

During the journey however, Tanlee Jandaloo discovers that the cargo being delivered is that of a large gemstone emblazoned with mystical powers of a time long ago and is the case of a hyperspace shock wave which forces the Moon Swing into real space. Little do the members of Thermal Force realise that the shock wave has forced them into an alternate reality where the Dark Side rules supreme.

After arriving in the capital city of U’Tan, the members of Thermal Force have been shocked at the discovery of a dark statue of Tanlee. With the help of some ancient writings, Tanlee and Thermal Force use an ancient portal to travel back in time in an attempt to return the past to the way it should be.

Meanwhile, in the Imperial Capital of Coruscant, things are not as they should be, as a new dark lord takes her place at the side of the new Emperor…


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