STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles

The Moon Swing Chronicles - CHAPTER 3


After rescuing Tanlee’s lost mentor E’RAAN during a harrowing experience in a galaxy far, far away, Thermal Force has returned to the Fakir Rebel Fleet to a heroes welcome. It is indeed a good time for the Rebellion.

Whilst the other members of THERMAL FORCE recuperate however, Tanlee senses that she must travel to the planet Voscol in an attempt to learn more about the Force.

During this time, the Imperial war machine continues to grow at an alarming rate. At the request of the Emperor himself, Grand Moff Ven Dorne and his right hand man, Captain Drebbick, have taken control of five sectors and created the Klentilior Oversector in an attempt to increase the Empire’s chance of eliminating the Rebellion once and for all.

In the meantime, while THERMAL FORCE awaits the return of Tanlee, Sector Command has received an urgent message from a Bothan Ambassador. It is believed that the Ambassador has stolen secret documents from the Imperial which if not collected could spell certain doom for the Rebel Alliance…


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