STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles

The Moon Swing Chronicles - CHAPTER 2


It is a time of hope for the Rebel Alliance. Mission Group Alpha, now code named Thermal Force has captured the Imperial container ship BLACK ICE, and has brought the ship filled with much needed fuel to the waiting arms of the Alliance.

But as the Rebels celebrate their victory, the newly promoted Grand Moff Ven Dorne has escalated his efforts to crush the Alliance by taking control of five key sectors along with introducing his own league of Imperial officials.

However, the true fate of the galaxy is brewing in the form of a Dark Side Apprentice named LUMIYA who has been dispatched by Emperor Palpatine to seek out a series of strange disturbances within heart of the Fakir Sector.

Meanwhile, Thermal Force has travelled to the world of Zennox to deal with the Empire’s presence on the planet. Little does THERMAL FORCE know that by travelling to Zennox, Tanlee Jandaloo’s destiny will be sealed. A destiny for which she will soon find will lie along a different path to those of her friends….


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