STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


Family Matters

The members of Dragon Squadron have returned home after their ordeal at Bè-Enta. The squadron has been awarded for their rescue of the members of Mission Group Beta, ACE KNIGHT and the Leaders of the Bè-Enta Council.

Even though the squadron was able to destroy an Imperial Nebulon-B frigate along with countless fighters, they found that the Imperials were unusually relentless in their attacks. As a result, concerns are now held that the next encounter with the EMPIRE could prove more challenging and possibly fatal. It is now, however, a time for celebration.

But the time for celebration is short, as the talents of Dragon Squadron again required. This time, Dragon Squadron races across the sector to a supposed deserted system to investigate the rumoured location of a new Imperial secret project called – THE TARKIN.

Meanwhile, at the Imperial mining colony on Flankers, a Rebel sympathiser who has strong ties to a member of Dragon Squadron has discovered information which will assist the Alliance in their fight against the Imperial War Machine. Unfortunately, the sympathiser’s actions have not gone unnoticed by the ever-vigilant EMPIRE


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