STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


The Scent of Darkness

It has been three months since Dragon Squadron has lost their leader, Commander Bakki Romilar to the pirate lord ERTAN SCELLAN. During this time, the brave members of Dragon Squadron have fought on in the hope that their next mission would reveal the location of their missing comrade.

During this time, pirate raids have increased across the Oversector, and have filtered into neighbouring regions, stretching the limited resources of the Rebellion to breaking point. This has kept the members of Dragon Squadron occupied, which has helped the squadron become a fighting force to be reckoned with.

Using the information provided by the strike team code-named Thermal Force, and the help of Captain Gaalieete Chimera and her band of rebel pirates, Dragon Squadron has been able to escort many more rebel transports through the hazardous regions being patrolled by the pirate gangs. Recently however, Dragon Squadron has been forced to deal more with the Imperials, as they begin to take a hold back on the Oversector.

Meanwhile, in a long forgotten corner of the galaxy, a force is forming which could threaten the Empire and destroy everything that the Rebel Alliance has fought for…


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