STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


There Be Dragons

A dark shadow has fallen over the Fakir Sector. In the last few months, pirate and mercenary raids have increased across the region, resulting in both the Rebellion and Empire being forced to compensate for their losses.

The Empire, has found the task of increasing their strength mundane, and has taken advantage of the Rebellion’s loss of strength and has subjugated key points throughout the region.

The Alliance has found the damage it has suffered from both the Empire and the Pirates to be unmanageable. In their frustration, the Fakir Sector Force has made one last effort regain some foothold in the Sector.

Using a captured Imperial Nebulon-B frigate, renamed the Dragon’s Lair, a group of heroic pilots have joined forces, united against the Imperial War machine under the name – DRAGON SQUADRON.

But this new group has not gone unnoticed. At the request of Grand Moff Ven Dorne, a new Admiral has been assigned to the Fakir Sector Fleet. One who has been responsible for countless deaths of rebels in the core-worlds and one who has a vested interest in the destruction of Dragon Squadron…


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