STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


Domain of Evil

After travelling to Dravian, the group (except the Bounty Hunter Gan Jan-Ru) are captured by the forces of Lumiya who had been tipped off to their arrival. As the group are imprisoned awaiting Lumiya to arrive, Gan sets in motion a plan to rescue the members of Thermal Force. But not everything goes to plan, and the group are forced to use an old ship of theirs which was docked at Dravian. As the group escape, they soon after arrive at the strange swamp world of Trinta. Upon arrival, Tanlee and Jovan sense a great evil and begin a journey across the world to discover its source. While avoiding an evil bounty hunter who has tracked the group to the planet as well as fighting evil manifestations of the dark side, the group will eventually come face to face with a Jedi spirit which has a strange connection to Tanleeā€™s past.


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