STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


Dawn of the Dark Horizon

After rescuing their friend Ledala Korewa from the clutches of Horrak the Hutt, and reuniting Ledala and her father, the group have returned to the safe haven of Dravian Starport. But all is not as peaceful as it seems. Soon after they arrive, the Imperial Star Destroyer Dominant enters the system heavily battle damaged and in need of repair. After a short investigation the group find that the Star Destroyer is Lumiya’s flagship from Vakkar and that the Empire has taken serious losses in an attack from a mysterious pirate fleet, which the group knows to be the fleet of the Tara’Sta. As the group discuss their options, the mysterious alien student of the force Santhou confronts Tanlee with some disturbing information which will send the members of Thermal Force on a quest to find a lost artefact. An item, which if not found, will enable the Tara’Sta to take control of the galaxy.


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