STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


A Tale of Two Korewas

With Ledala captured by an unknown force, the remaining members of Thermal Force begin their investigations to find the whereabouts of their friend. It is not long before Gan is contacted by the organization known only as The Clan who claim to have vital information regarding Ledala and her missing father – Orun Korewa. After arriving at the offices of The Clan on Arcan IV, the group are told that Horrak the Hutt has recently sent them an ultimatum – hand over your organization, or Ledala Korewa dies. They are also informed that enraged, Ledala’s father who was the leader of The Clan, had left for Vakkar, hell-bent on seeking revenge on Horrak himself. With this information, the members of Thermal Force are sent to Vakkar to take on the crime lord Horrak the Hutt and his minions in a showdown to rescue their friend and her father.


IanHoulihan IanHoulihan