STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


Distant Voices


It is a glorious day for the Rebellion in the Fakir Sector. The members of Thermal Force have returned to Masterhome after their perilous journey into Otherspace, and their strange encounter at Bresk.

But all is not well in the Fakir Sector Force. At a special meeting with the Rebel Leaders of the Fakir Sector, Thermal Force has been told that pirates have captured Commander Bakki Romilar of Dragon Squadron and that five Rebel outposts across four sectors have been destroyed. It is also explained that two of the bases were attacked by Imperials, and a large force of pirate vessels attacked those remaining.

The members of Thermal Force are also informed that a Pirate Lord named ERTAN SCELLAN, once thought killed by the members of Dragon Squadron, could still be alive and may be responsible for the continuing and unusually coordinated pirate attacks.

Now armed with the information of Ertan’s operations, the members of Thermal Force have been requested to go outside of their sphere of influence, and travel to the backwater Tuemel Sector to investigate the attacks. This action, the Alliance hopes, will result in either a truce with the pirates, or the destruction of their command structure. In either case, Fakir Sector Command hopes that Thermal Force’s actions will enable the Rebellion to recommence their strikes against the Empire.

Meanwhile in the distant Tuemel Sector another Rebel Supply convoy has fallen to raids by pirates…


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