STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles




It is a dangerous time for the Rebellion. As Imperial raids across the galaxy increase at an alarming rate, Alliance Command in the Fakir Sector has been forced to increased their efforts in the search for the members of Thermal Force.

Meanwhile, Thermal Force dashes across the sector on a mission of their own. The group has travelled to the crime world of Arcan IV in an attempt to find the whereabouts of a freighter called The Centaurian Eagle last seen on Gelgelar. A freighter which possibly holds the key to locating a man who has been taken over by the power of an ancient evil.

However, while looking for the information in the capital city on Arcan IV, Tanlee, Ace and Ledala were ambushed by a gang whose origins are unknown. After repelling the attack with the help of the other members in Thermal Force, the group have decided to make their way to the planet Demophon in the Relgim Sector where the Centaurian Eagle was last known to be heading.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Fakir Sector, a group of Rebel Alliance operatives have been given the duty of transporting a group of prisoners to a Rebel safe-world in the Aris Sector. A group who if allowed to return to the galaxy could prove disastrous for the Rebellion in the Fakir Sector…


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