STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


Rush Hour


The Rebellion in the Fakir Sector is in shock with rumours circulating of a super weapon being developed by the Empire. With this news, the Fakir Sector Force has become even more desperate in their search for Thermal Force. The Rebel’s desperation has taken the form of several groups of newly formed Special Forces teams sent throughout the surrounding regions to find the lost mission group.

Meanwhile, the members of Thermal Force have returned to the remote mining colony world of Mitus to recover Ace Knight and Gan Jan-Ru.

Whilst on Mitus, Gaaliette Chimera and Ace Knight have discovered the whereabouts of an abandoned Imperial base. During the investigation, the two almost loose their lives in the decaying remains of the base, but not before uncovering information regarding a link to a possible conspirator in Rebel Intelligence. A rebel who has a direct connection with the members of Thermal Force.

In the meantime, while Thermal Force races across the sector to discover further information about the base on Arcan IV, Grand Moff Ven Dorne is about to receive an important message from a Hutt Crime Lord that could place the members of Thermal Force at certain risk…


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