STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


Reflex Action


It has been a struggle for the Fakir Sector Force since the introduction of Admiral DeGritz to the Region’s Imperial Fleet. Rebel raids have diminished, and supplies have become dangerously low. The members of Dragon Squadron have been brought back to Masterhome, and the search for Thermal Force continues.

Little does the Rebellion know however, but the members of Thermal Force have been occupied with an emergency of their own. An emergency to prevent the return of an evil power to the galaxy.

Unfortunately after arriving at the remote swamp world of Gelgelar, the members of Thermal Force discovered that it was too late. As hope was lost, JOVAN DARKSTRIDER, an old friend from Ledala’s past has emerged and asked for transport off planet.

Placing faith in Ledala’s belief in Jovan – Tanlee, Gaaliette, and Gel have reluctantly agreed to take him to the mining world of Mitus, where they hope to re-unite with their companions Gan Jan-Ru and Ace Knight. In the meantime, the four hope to piece together the mystery before them and discover Jovan’s involvement.

Meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy, a meeting is under way between key members in the Empire. A meeting that could spell certain doom for the Rebellion…


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