STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


Fallen Angel


It has been several months since the Members of Thermal Force have returned from their victory at U’Tan. During this time, the Rebellion has basked in the glory of the Empire’s defeat.

Rumours abound that the Dark Side Adept Lumiya has been recalled to Coruscant by the Emperor for her failure at U’Tan, and so the Rebellion has taken the initiative and has increased their raids on Imperial Strongholds across the sector. But the Rebel’s victory could be short lived.

With the Rebellion in the sector again on the increase, Grand Moff Ven Dorne has ordered all Imperial supply fleets travelling the Rimma Trade Route to be escorted by a full battle squadron. The Grand Moff has also employed the use of the famed Fleet Admiral DeGritz to lead the Over Sector Fleet to its greatest victory. A choice, which to the Grand Moff’s pleasure, has seen thousands of Rebels loose their lives in the last few weeks.

Consequently, the Rebellion has been forced to take a back step in its attacks, and in some cases has withdrawn completely. Now the Rebellion is desperately seeking Thermal Force to assist in their efforts.

In the meantime, in a quiet corner of the galaxy, a man has emerged whose knowledge holds the key to the future of an ancient evil. An evil which could spell certain doom for the members of Thermal Force…


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