STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


Crisis On Cloud City


It was a time of reckoning. After returning from the mining world of Argovia, the members of Thermal Force have raced back to Masterhome with the data stream sample, the members have been shocked by a message from Ledala’s sister. In the message Leanna has stated that that she and her assistant, Dr. Vreen had recently finished building the prototype of a fantastic Droid that could greatly aid the merchant fleet in the galaxy.

Because of the new Droid’s amazing abilities, Leanna fears what might happen if this powerful creation were to fall into the hands of either the Corporate Sector Authority or the Empire. As a result, Leanna has requested the assistance of her sister to protect her discovery on Cloud City.

Now gliding gracefully through the spectacular cloud-filled sky of Bespin, the members of Thermal Force aboard the Moon Swing, spot the floating metropolis of Cloud City and make final preparations for docking…


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