STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


Sounds of Argovia


It was a time of darkness and sorrow. The Empire in the Fakir, Mortex, Relgim, and Sirros Sectors, has saturated the area to protect its main assets. The area, now named the Klentillor Oversector, has seen eight planets subjugated and turned into Imperial mining worlds. This in turn has strained the abilities of the dedicated members of the Alliance, and has caused the deaths of countless others.

Meanwhile, Thermal Force has ventured to a remote area of the Fakir Sector to rendezvous with a person who could provide information to quell the Imperial war machine. Upon arriving at the coordinates however, Thermal Force was ambushed by the Imperial Star Destroyer Colossus.

Crippled in space, the Moon Swing, along with the members of Thermal Force were brought aboard the massive Imperial Warship and subjected to severe interrogation. During their ordeal, the mission group was assisted by a strange new ally calling himself Captain X. This mysterious Imperial helped the members of Thermal Force escape and gave them the information they came to obtain.

With the information aboard, and a new recruit in the form of a dishonoured Imperial Commando, the mission group travelled to the Fakir Sector capital of Vakkar to rescue a retired Imperial Admiral. But the rescue was not to be easy. During the rescue, a team of Imperial Commandos captured the Admiral. Stretching their abilities to the maximum, the mission group dispatched the Imperials, and rescued the Admiral.

Now, Thermal Force races back to Masterhome with news that could damage the Empire for years to comeā€¦


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