STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles


No Honour Among Thieves


It is a time of mystery for the members of Thermal Force. Recently, the mission group had been sent to the planet Vakkar, capital of the Fakir Sector, to perform reconnaissance for the Rebellion. Whilst there, the group was contacted by a Gotal by the name of Rethmod Nichak who claimed to be the holder of information vital to the Rebellion.

After obtaining the information, the members of Thermal Force were suddenly cast into the mists of a small war between two competing Hutt crimelords, Nawnam the Hutt and an old enemy of Ledala Korewa – Horrak the Hutt.

After fighting bounty hunters, and avoiding Imperial detection, Thermal Force teamed up with Burtiin, a Wookiee mercenary, to assist in the extraction of Nawnam from Vakkar. An extraction which has proven to be quite lucrative for the group. Now, Thermal Force races to the crime-world of Arcan IV to deliver Nawnam to his associates and claim their payment.

Meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy, a small Imperial scouting team under orders from Lumiya herself and lead by Captain Drebbick, has taken an interest in the dealings of a small backwater planet in the Sirros Sector called U’tan. Dealings which could threaten the existence of the members of Thermal Force and that of the galaxy…


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