STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles

Incursion at Jerrilek Prime (Part II)
Family Matters

The members of Dragon Squadron have returned home after their ordeal at Bè-Enta. The squadron has been awarded for their rescue of the members of Mission Group Beta, ACE KNIGHT and the Leaders of the Bè-Enta Council.

Even though the squadron was able to destroy an Imperial Nebulon-B frigate along with countless fighters, they found that the Imperials were unusually relentless in their attacks. As a result, concerns are now held that the next encounter with the EMPIRE could prove more challenging and possibly fatal. It is now, however, a time for celebration.

But the time for celebration is short, as the talents of Dragon Squadron again required. This time, Dragon Squadron races across the sector to a supposed deserted system to investigate the rumoured location of a new Imperial secret project called – THE TARKIN.

Meanwhile, at the Imperial mining colony on Flankers, a Rebel sympathiser who has strong ties to a member of Dragon Squadron has discovered information which will assist the Alliance in their fight against the Imperial War Machine. Unfortunately, the sympathiser’s actions have not gone unnoticed by the ever-vigilant EMPIRE

The Rescue

It has been one month since Dragon Squadron has defeated the dark apprentice Sadju and captured the crime lord ERTAN SCELLAN on Jandoon. It has also been one month since Dragon Squadron recovered their commanding officer, Bakki Romilar. It was indeed a time for celebration.

In the meantime, the members of Dragon Squadron continue to fight against the evil EMPIRE who are making every attempt to keep the Rebellion on the run. A fight, which has taken the forces of the Alliance to breaking point, leaving only the main base on Masterhome to continue the fight.

More recently however, while attacking an Imperial communication outpost in the Fakir Sector, the members of Dragon Squadron detected a strange coded message coming from a nearby system. Once decoded, the message was found to be a distress call from a mission group lead by ACE KNIGHT.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, on the Capital World of Coruscant, the recent events in the Fakir Sector have not gone unnoticed. As a result, the Emperor himself has become personally involved…

The Scent of Darkness

It has been three months since Dragon Squadron has lost their leader, Commander Bakki Romilar to the pirate lord ERTAN SCELLAN. During this time, the brave members of Dragon Squadron have fought on in the hope that their next mission would reveal the location of their missing comrade.

During this time, pirate raids have increased across the Oversector, and have filtered into neighbouring regions, stretching the limited resources of the Rebellion to breaking point. This has kept the members of Dragon Squadron occupied, which has helped the squadron become a fighting force to be reckoned with.

Using the information provided by the strike team code-named Thermal Force, and the help of Captain Gaalieete Chimera and her band of rebel pirates, Dragon Squadron has been able to escort many more rebel transports through the hazardous regions being patrolled by the pirate gangs. Recently however, Dragon Squadron has been forced to deal more with the Imperials, as they begin to take a hold back on the Oversector.

Meanwhile, in a long forgotten corner of the galaxy, a force is forming which could threaten the Empire and destroy everything that the Rebel Alliance has fought for…

There Be Dragons

A dark shadow has fallen over the Fakir Sector. In the last few months, pirate and mercenary raids have increased across the region, resulting in both the Rebellion and Empire being forced to compensate for their losses.

The Empire, has found the task of increasing their strength mundane, and has taken advantage of the Rebellion’s loss of strength and has subjugated key points throughout the region.

The Alliance has found the damage it has suffered from both the Empire and the Pirates to be unmanageable. In their frustration, the Fakir Sector Force has made one last effort regain some foothold in the Sector.

Using a captured Imperial Nebulon-B frigate, renamed the Dragon’s Lair, a group of heroic pilots have joined forces, united against the Imperial War machine under the name – DRAGON SQUADRON.

But this new group has not gone unnoticed. At the request of Grand Moff Ven Dorne, a new Admiral has been assigned to the Fakir Sector Fleet. One who has been responsible for countless deaths of rebels in the core-worlds and one who has a vested interest in the destruction of Dragon Squadron…

Rise of the Tara’Sta (Part I)
Dawn of the Dark Horizon

After rescuing their friend Ledala Korewa from the clutches of Horrak the Hutt, and reuniting Ledala and her father, the group have returned to the safe haven of Dravian Starport. But all is not as peaceful as it seems. Soon after they arrive, the Imperial Star Destroyer Dominant enters the system heavily battle damaged and in need of repair. After a short investigation the group find that the Star Destroyer is Lumiya’s flagship from Vakkar and that the Empire has taken serious losses in an attack from a mysterious pirate fleet, which the group knows to be the fleet of the Tara’Sta. As the group discuss their options, the mysterious alien student of the force Santhou confronts Tanlee with some disturbing information which will send the members of Thermal Force on a quest to find a lost artefact. An item, which if not found, will enable the Tara’Sta to take control of the galaxy.

A Tale of Two Korewas

With Ledala captured by an unknown force, the remaining members of Thermal Force begin their investigations to find the whereabouts of their friend. It is not long before Gan is contacted by the organization known only as The Clan who claim to have vital information regarding Ledala and her missing father – Orun Korewa. After arriving at the offices of The Clan on Arcan IV, the group are told that Horrak the Hutt has recently sent them an ultimatum – hand over your organization, or Ledala Korewa dies. They are also informed that enraged, Ledala’s father who was the leader of The Clan, had left for Vakkar, hell-bent on seeking revenge on Horrak himself. With this information, the members of Thermal Force are sent to Vakkar to take on the crime lord Horrak the Hutt and his minions in a showdown to rescue their friend and her father.

Looking for Mister Rordan