STAR WARS: The Moon Swing Chronicles

Crisis On Cloud City


It was a time of reckoning. After returning from the mining world of Argovia, the members of Thermal Force have raced back to Masterhome with the data stream sample, the members have been shocked by a message from Ledala’s sister. In the message Leanna has stated that that she and her assistant, Dr. Vreen had recently finished building the prototype of a fantastic Droid that could greatly aid the merchant fleet in the galaxy.

Because of the new Droid’s amazing abilities, Leanna fears what might happen if this powerful creation were to fall into the hands of either the Corporate Sector Authority or the Empire. As a result, Leanna has requested the assistance of her sister to protect her discovery on Cloud City.

Now gliding gracefully through the spectacular cloud-filled sky of Bespin, the members of Thermal Force aboard the Moon Swing, spot the floating metropolis of Cloud City and make final preparations for docking…

Sounds of Argovia


It was a time of darkness and sorrow. The Empire in the Fakir, Mortex, Relgim, and Sirros Sectors, has saturated the area to protect its main assets. The area, now named the Klentillor Oversector, has seen eight planets subjugated and turned into Imperial mining worlds. This in turn has strained the abilities of the dedicated members of the Alliance, and has caused the deaths of countless others.

Meanwhile, Thermal Force has ventured to a remote area of the Fakir Sector to rendezvous with a person who could provide information to quell the Imperial war machine. Upon arriving at the coordinates however, Thermal Force was ambushed by the Imperial Star Destroyer Colossus.

Crippled in space, the Moon Swing, along with the members of Thermal Force were brought aboard the massive Imperial Warship and subjected to severe interrogation. During their ordeal, the mission group was assisted by a strange new ally calling himself Captain X. This mysterious Imperial helped the members of Thermal Force escape and gave them the information they came to obtain.

With the information aboard, and a new recruit in the form of a dishonoured Imperial Commando, the mission group travelled to the Fakir Sector capital of Vakkar to rescue a retired Imperial Admiral. But the rescue was not to be easy. During the rescue, a team of Imperial Commandos captured the Admiral. Stretching their abilities to the maximum, the mission group dispatched the Imperials, and rescued the Admiral.

Now, Thermal Force races back to Masterhome with news that could damage the Empire for years to come…

Secret Loyalties
Prodigal Daughter

Whilst celebrating Tanlee’s Birthday in an upper class restaurant, the group are surprised when they are confronted by Tanlee’s twin. After finding it is her younger sister, the group travel to the world of Zuntic, where Tanlee discovers that her family is more than just a local.

Distant Voices


It is a glorious day for the Rebellion in the Fakir Sector. The members of Thermal Force have returned to Masterhome after their perilous journey into Otherspace, and their strange encounter at Bresk.

But all is not well in the Fakir Sector Force. At a special meeting with the Rebel Leaders of the Fakir Sector, Thermal Force has been told that pirates have captured Commander Bakki Romilar of Dragon Squadron and that five Rebel outposts across four sectors have been destroyed. It is also explained that two of the bases were attacked by Imperials, and a large force of pirate vessels attacked those remaining.

The members of Thermal Force are also informed that a Pirate Lord named ERTAN SCELLAN, once thought killed by the members of Dragon Squadron, could still be alive and may be responsible for the continuing and unusually coordinated pirate attacks.

Now armed with the information of Ertan’s operations, the members of Thermal Force have been requested to go outside of their sphere of influence, and travel to the backwater Tuemel Sector to investigate the attacks. This action, the Alliance hopes, will result in either a truce with the pirates, or the destruction of their command structure. In either case, Fakir Sector Command hopes that Thermal Force’s actions will enable the Rebellion to recommence their strikes against the Empire.

Meanwhile in the distant Tuemel Sector another Rebel Supply convoy has fallen to raids by pirates…

In the Depths of Religion


It is a dangerous time for the Rebellion. As Imperial raids across the galaxy increase at an alarming rate, Alliance Command in the Fakir Sector has been forced to increased their efforts in the search for the members of Thermal Force.

Meanwhile, Thermal Force dashes across the sector on a mission of their own. The group has travelled to the crime world of Arcan IV in an attempt to find the whereabouts of a freighter called The Centaurian Eagle last seen on Gelgelar. A freighter which possibly holds the key to locating a man who has been taken over by the power of an ancient evil.

However, while looking for the information in the capital city on Arcan IV, Tanlee, Ace and Ledala were ambushed by a gang whose origins are unknown. After repelling the attack with the help of the other members in Thermal Force, the group have decided to make their way to the planet Demophon in the Relgim Sector where the Centaurian Eagle was last known to be heading.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Fakir Sector, a group of Rebel Alliance operatives have been given the duty of transporting a group of prisoners to a Rebel safe-world in the Aris Sector. A group who if allowed to return to the galaxy could prove disastrous for the Rebellion in the Fakir Sector…

Rush Hour


The Rebellion in the Fakir Sector is in shock with rumours circulating of a super weapon being developed by the Empire. With this news, the Fakir Sector Force has become even more desperate in their search for Thermal Force. The Rebel’s desperation has taken the form of several groups of newly formed Special Forces teams sent throughout the surrounding regions to find the lost mission group.

Meanwhile, the members of Thermal Force have returned to the remote mining colony world of Mitus to recover Ace Knight and Gan Jan-Ru.

Whilst on Mitus, Gaaliette Chimera and Ace Knight have discovered the whereabouts of an abandoned Imperial base. During the investigation, the two almost loose their lives in the decaying remains of the base, but not before uncovering information regarding a link to a possible conspirator in Rebel Intelligence. A rebel who has a direct connection with the members of Thermal Force.

In the meantime, while Thermal Force races across the sector to discover further information about the base on Arcan IV, Grand Moff Ven Dorne is about to receive an important message from a Hutt Crime Lord that could place the members of Thermal Force at certain risk…

Reflex Action


It has been a struggle for the Fakir Sector Force since the introduction of Admiral DeGritz to the Region’s Imperial Fleet. Rebel raids have diminished, and supplies have become dangerously low. The members of Dragon Squadron have been brought back to Masterhome, and the search for Thermal Force continues.

Little does the Rebellion know however, but the members of Thermal Force have been occupied with an emergency of their own. An emergency to prevent the return of an evil power to the galaxy.

Unfortunately after arriving at the remote swamp world of Gelgelar, the members of Thermal Force discovered that it was too late. As hope was lost, JOVAN DARKSTRIDER, an old friend from Ledala’s past has emerged and asked for transport off planet.

Placing faith in Ledala’s belief in Jovan – Tanlee, Gaaliette, and Gel have reluctantly agreed to take him to the mining world of Mitus, where they hope to re-unite with their companions Gan Jan-Ru and Ace Knight. In the meantime, the four hope to piece together the mystery before them and discover Jovan’s involvement.

Meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy, a meeting is under way between key members in the Empire. A meeting that could spell certain doom for the Rebellion…

Fallen Angel


It has been several months since the Members of Thermal Force have returned from their victory at U’Tan. During this time, the Rebellion has basked in the glory of the Empire’s defeat.

Rumours abound that the Dark Side Adept Lumiya has been recalled to Coruscant by the Emperor for her failure at U’Tan, and so the Rebellion has taken the initiative and has increased their raids on Imperial Strongholds across the sector. But the Rebel’s victory could be short lived.

With the Rebellion in the sector again on the increase, Grand Moff Ven Dorne has ordered all Imperial supply fleets travelling the Rimma Trade Route to be escorted by a full battle squadron. The Grand Moff has also employed the use of the famed Fleet Admiral DeGritz to lead the Over Sector Fleet to its greatest victory. A choice, which to the Grand Moff’s pleasure, has seen thousands of Rebels loose their lives in the last few weeks.

Consequently, the Rebellion has been forced to take a back step in its attacks, and in some cases has withdrawn completely. Now the Rebellion is desperately seeking Thermal Force to assist in their efforts.

In the meantime, in a quiet corner of the galaxy, a man has emerged whose knowledge holds the key to the future of an ancient evil. An evil which could spell certain doom for the members of Thermal Force…


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