Allairre "JAFO" Jackson

Cybernetic Brash Pilot


JAFO was born on Coruscant, the Imperial Capital. Your family was well looked after by the Empire during its hay-day as your father was an Imperial General. You never got to see much of your father, but your mother stayed by your side. Following in your father’s footsteps, you joined the Imperial Academy. You followed a different path than your father, that of an Imperial Pilot.
You joined the Academy as soon as you graduated from school. Piloting had always been your hobby and this was a good opportunity to show the Empire what a pilot really was. The ability to pilot small craft had always come easily to you. With this ability you became a member of Nuuvac Squadron, the best 5 pilots the Academy could muster for that year. There you met up with Blackjack, Junior and the technician assigned to your squad, Converse. Unfortunately, things were about to change.
It was some time after you joined the Academy that a ceremony was planned in the Emperor’s Honour. Nuuvac Squadron was chosen to perform an aerial display. A plan was put forward by the Squadron that a maneuver, which had been banned at the Academy for many years, would be done for the finale. Hopefully, if a success, all squadron members would go down in history. During the flight, something went wrong. As a result, one member died. There was a lengthy investigation and soon after you were transferred. You had no idea where you were going, but you didn’t bother asking.
Eventually, you were transferred to the 23rd Special Elite Forces Regiment. You were chosen to partake in a experiment conducted by the combined efforts of the ISB and Special Forces – Cyberware. You had no idea of the result until you were woken up. You felt more confident, as you had been enhanced beyond normal human limits, but you did not feel completely human anymore. You were cyborg.
After some initial training, you completed you training-tour, as all Special Forces units do, in the field. In fact, you were sent to the Imperial Super Star Destroyer, Executor. It was an honour to serve on-board and even more so to be flying the new Interceptor Pro-types, completely run by cyber-linked pilots, reducing the need for targeting computers and the like. It was you, and your squadron members, who found the Millennium Falcon when it was hiding in the Isen Asteroid field. In fact, if it wasn’t for an untimely call from the Emperor and subsequent call back for all Executor Squadrons, you were sure you would have helped with the capture of the Rebels. That’s why they got away. You graduated with decorations from Lord Darth Vader himself. Unfortunately, that was the last recognition you received. Everything seemed fight without glory. Everything you joined for was gone, and so you waited for an opportunity to present itself, and it did.
The Rebellion was growing stronger. Finally, six months after the Battle of Hoth, and with the second Death Star in it’s final stages of completion, the Rebels struck, and struck hard they did. During the final stages in the Battle for Endor, you knew the Empire had lost. You made your move. Falsifying codes, you faked a crash landing, and ditched your ship on the surface of Endor. On your way through the forest, while searching for a shuttle to escape, you stumbled across a small smuggling organisation, fleeing after being discovered by Imperials. Most of their pilots were manning fighters, to hold off the Imperials (and Rebels for that matter), and so a man named Karrde, asked if you could fly a space transport. That’s when things started to look up again. You had heard that smuggling was a hazy profession, but money and recognition was well in focus. You took the chance. You’ve been working for him ever since.
One day, Karrde introduced you to a pilot who was buying a ship off him. Coincidently, the pilot was Junior. Now you flying with him, and working for Karrde at the same time. He also gave you a Barabel to help. This is the recognition you were looking for.
QUOTE: “Well that’s the trick now isn’t it, and it’s gonna cost you extra”.


Type: Cybernetic Brash Pilot
Blaster 5D, Dodge 3D+2
Streetwise 2D+2
MECHANICAL (+1D for Cyberware) 4D
Astrogation 5D, Space Transports 5D, Starfighter Piloting 6D, Starship Gunnery 6D
Search 3D+2, Sneak 3D+1
Brawling 3D+1
Armour Repair, 3D+1, Armour Repair: Bounty Hunter Armour 3D+2, Space Transport Repair 3D+1
Force Points: 2
Cyber Points: 4
Character Points: 19

Allairre "JAFO" Jackson

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