Rala Lindow

Rebel Outlaw


Rala had been everywhere around the galaxy. Not as a pilot, not even as a passenger, but as a girl-for-hire, taking the jobs nobody else would do. A broken hyperdrive injector on an old spice hauler, a fused gas coupling on an aging blaster rifle, or the occasional murder of a corrupt official.

Maybe that’s where she went wrong. Maybe she had gotten too greedy. Perhaps if she hadn’t killed the Imperial prefect, who just by chance, looked very similar to the local snitch she was paid to bump off, then perhaps she wouldn’t have been standing amongst a group prisoners, bound for the Kessel spice mines (for the second time mind you- first time was during Volume 2, Episode 7 – Dunes of Innocence) when Santhou, Daurek and Ledala arrived on Vengler.

When the blue robed Monks attacked, Rala broke free of her bonds, and ran after the group. She requested to join them after telling them her story. The group agreed, and took her aboard the Moon Swing as a hired help.

During this adventure Ledala picked up a shipment of food stuffs which she was going to use to sell to the Alliance. It was this however that indirectly was the downfall of Rala.

Unfortunately this shipment of food was laced with the biogenetic weapon called Blue Harvest. Ral was one of the first causalities of this outbreak and died before Thermal Force was able to obtain a cure.

“As long as we keep getting back at those Impies, I don’t care where you send me”.

Template: Outlaw
(As at Volume 2 – Episode 7)*
Blaster 6D, Blaster: Blaster Rifle 7D, Dodge 5D
Streetwise 4D, Survival: Desert 4D
Con 3D, Sneak 3D
Blaster Repair: Blaster Rifle 4D
Force Points: 1
Character Points: 5
Move: 10
[Note: The above stats reflect Rala’s abilities at the time of the events depicted in the adventure – Dunes of Innocence. As the adventure was a flash-back of Kyan DeGritz, the stats below will be a future self of Rala.]
Equipment: Merr-Sonn DD6 Blaster Pistol (Damage: 4D+1; Range: 3-10/30/120), BlasTech A280 Blaster Rifle (Damage: 5D+2; Range: 3-30/100/300), Ammo Bandolier, Whip (Damage: Melee Combat skill+1D+2; Range: up to 5 meters away), 20 meters of syntherope, leather jacket, leather hat, 200 credits
(As at Volume 1 – Episode 7)
Melee Combat 5D, Thrown Weapon: Lasso 5D
Streetwise: Quipar 5D
Beast Riding 6D, Swoop Operation 4D+2
Con 4D+2, Hide 4D, Sneak 4D
Brawling 6D
Force Points: 1
Character Points: 12

Rala Lindow

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