Sir Basil Henry Liddell-Hart III

Armchair Historian (Retired Military Captain)


Basil was born on the planet of Alderaan prior to the Clone Wars. His father was a local governor, and so he spent most of his time on Alderaan assisting the local population with various community issues. His mother also helped in this area, being a community-aid worker. It was his mother whom he spent most his time with whilst growing up.

As a child, Basil read lots of literature on cutting edge technology. He was known for his unconventionality at school, always coming up with some innovative strategy to solve a problem. His teachers considered him to be rebellious, and chastised him for his inability to conform. Despite this, Basil achieved excellent grades and carried onto The University of Alderaan. It was during this time that the Clone Wars erupted. Having found University quite boring to this point, Basil decided to enlist as an officer in the Royal Alderaan Armed Forces. After training, he became a commissioned Lieutenant.

Basil saw action early in the war, being involved in some of the fiercest fighting. He saw action in such battles as Salvara and Som. Although many of his fellow officers were killed or wounded, he somehow managed to survive the first few years, virtually unscathed. Basil’s dedication to his troops, made him popular and assisted him later when seeking promotion. Basil made great friends and acquaintances during these times, but unfortunately most of them were killed, excluding his close friend and confidant, Sergeant Gus Jackson. For his bravery and service, Basil was promoted to the rank of Captain.

It was not long before Basil was back on the front lines. During a battle which commenced within days of his arrival, Basil managed to clear the way for a tactical retreat after the enemy made a brilliant strategical maneuver. During the fall-back, Basil fell victim to chemical warfare. He was taken back to Alderaan where he spent six months recovering. Basil was only passed fit for light duties in an office. He became a support administration officer to a section of Corellian fighter corps. Here he met Paul Cantium, a noted pilot and squadron leader. The corps were sent off to battle and so he was then transferred to help train the Alderaan Home Guard. During his stay there, he were dissatisfied with current training methods and published a new training manual for the Army. It was at this time that he met and married Jessie Stone. The Clone Wars ended, forestalling your promotion to Major.

After the war, Basil was transferred from the Home Guards to a regular brigade to work on the army’s new training manual. It is here that he met Major Hannibal Romilar, an up and coming young officer. Both of Hannibal and Basil worked well together on the project and soon became good friends. During the project, Basil fell ill due to an irreparable heart condition caused by the chemical warfare strike all those many years ago. Basil recovered in hospital for some time before returning to light duties. It was soon after that his son, Adrian, was born.

With Alderaan’s renunciation of violence, came a cost cutting campaign to reduce military expenditure. After failing a medical examination, Basil was invalided on half pay. Luckily he managed to get a job as military correspondent for the Morning Net, and supplemented his income by writing articles for Holopads, Journals and giving the occasional lecture. He became quite popular with intelligent, young officers across the galaxy.

Basil then went on to take a position at the Daily HoloNet. He also became the military editor to the Encyclopaedia Alderaania, where he met Arhul Hextraphon, the now famous rebel historian. After writing an article criticising the Alderaan High Command, he was put under pressure to resign from the army.

Over the next couple of years Basil survived by publishing a number of books. In particular, he criticised the lack of modernisation of the Alderaan army and the pacifist policies of the Alderaan government. He later went on to join The Parsecs, Alderaans most prestigious holonet.

Type: Armchair Historian
Dodge 4D, Blaster: Blaster Pistol 4D
Bureaucracy 4D+2, Military History 6D, Planetary Systems 4D+2, Tactics : Ground Assault 5D, Tactics: Squads 5D
Command 6D+2, Investigation 5D
Computer Program/Repair 3D
Force Points: 2
Character Points: 6
Move: 10
Equipment: BlasTech DL-18, Old Fashioned Clothing, Pipe and Tabacco, Spectacles, Pocket Computer (6D Storage), Macrobinoculars, Recording Rod, 35 credits

Sir Basil Henry Liddell-Hart III

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