Lorrak Beton-Watt Crude

Gangster and Loan Shark


Lorrak started his life of crime and vice as that of a small time crook in the shadows of downtown Arcan IV. After only 4 years in the business, Lorrak quickly made contacts within the underground community, and soon was able to develop his own black market ring and underground contact network. Lorrak’s keen eye for business enabled him to soon after become a main player in the Fakir Sector’s Underworld.

But his power did not go unnoticed. His main competitor, Horrak the Hutt, an alleged member of the crime syndicate called Dark Sun, watched on waiting for the time to approach this young entrepreneur with a “business proposition”. When Lorrak declined the offer, Horrak was outraged, and a small underground war began in the streets of Arcan between the two factions.

The small war went on for only a few weeks before Lorrak called a meeting with Horrak. Lorrak knew that the war between his people and Horrak’s was causing a major loss to his organization. Not because of the cost of weapons, or recruiting more hired hands, but because smugglers and the like were moving their business elsewhere. As a result, Lorrak approached Horrak, and asked for a truce to enable him to gather his business associates, and leave Arcan.

Reluctantly, Horrak agreed, and allowed the newcomer to leave. This manoeuvrer enabled Lorrak to shift his operations to a facility he had been building secretly for some time – a palace on the tranquil world of Zennox. The change of location only interrupted his business for a few weeks. With the local Imperial Governor paid off, the word soon began spreading of Lorrak’s haven on Zennox where illegal goods could be bought and sold under the safety of his hospitality.

It was here that Lorrak began making numerous contacts in the Twi’Lek community. Although showing a hard exterior, Lorrak was filled with guilt over a Twi’lek ex-lover who was sold into slavery two weeks before they were to be married. Feeling the plight of the Twi’Leks, Lorrak used some of his laundered profits to buy the freedom of many a Twi’Lek slave, and consequently became quite respected in that community. This guaranteed Lorrak many a hired hand that was not just there for the profit, but was there because of loyalty. This connection is only made known to those who are closest to Lorrak’s himself.

With his palace business venture proving quite fruitful, Lorrak decided to reach out to the Smugglers, Slicers, and Bounty Hunters that he was no providing a haven for. In this sense, Lorrak began providing a Loan service to those who had proven themselves to him. One such customer was a young female smuggler who had been recommended to him by one of his contacts in the Corellian Merchant’s Guild. A young smuggler by the name of Ledala Korewa. A mere 25,000 credits for a used starship. If only he had known.

Lorrak’s underground network grew, and soon controlled a major slice of the underground community in the Fakir and surrounding sectors. His biggest asset was having control of Dravian Spaceport. This helped control the flow of contraband through the sector. Lorrak was careful however, not to infringe on the profits of his Hutt counterpart.

More recently, Lorrak was set up after information was given that he was directly involved in an attack on and destruction of an Imperial Base on Zennox. Captain Chirron Drebbick of the Imperial Security Bureau with a small force of Stormtroopers marched into Lorrak’s palace and threatened Lorrak with arrest. As a result, Lorrak was forced to flee his beloved palace, leaving a majority of his profits behind. Soon after, Zennox was used as the testing ground for Operation: Blue Harvest Stage 1 and all that he had created on Zennox was destroyed. It was only later, that he discovered that Ledala Korewa and her band of cohorts were the ones who had betrayed him.

Luckily, some of Lorrak’s profits were off-world at the time when Zennox was destroyed, so he knew he could start again. A process that would take time, but one that he could ill-afford not o use. To cut costs, Lorrak temporarily moved his base of operations to the Twi’lek homeworld of Ryloth (a Twi’Lek overlord seemed to owe him a favour). It was here that Lorrak set into motion a plan a retribution against Ledala for her disloyalty.

If there is one thing that has remained with Lorrak the longest, it would be his ship the Ulturru Corporation Space Yacht, “The Crude Comment”. The yacht is spaced out with showcases containing ancient weapons and artwork from around the galaxy, the two things that he loves most. Lorrak has been known to spend hundreds of thousands of credits, to obtain hard to get items, and it is rumoured to have an ancient lightsaber at his disposal.

Lorrak’s most recent achievement is to set up a secret base of operations back on Arcan IV. What this action is meant to achieve is unknown at this point, but it is undoubtedly part of a plot to gain back the slice of the underground market that was once rightfully his.

“Ledala my dear why haven’t you paid me? And why did you have to destroy my base, after all we’ve been through?”

Type: Crime Lord
Archaic Weapons 5D, Dodge 4D+2, Melee Combat 5D
Bureaucracy 8D+2, Business 6D, Cultures: Antique Weapons 7D, Cultures: Artwork 7D, Languages 5D, Streetwise
Beast Riding 4D
Bargain 7D+2, Command 6D, Command: Crude’s Organization 8D, Con 6D+2, Gambling 8D, Persuasion 6D+1
Force Points: 4
Character Points: 20
Dark Side Points: 4
Move: 10
Equipment: Modified Czerka 311 blaster pistol (Damage 4D), Comlink, Vibro-shiv in boot (Damage STR+1D), Pocket computer, Sabbacc Deck, Sabbacc Shifter (+2D to gambling), Jewellry worth 3000cr.

Lorrak Beton-Watt Crude

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