Ertan Scellan

Gotal Pirate Lord and Dark Sun Vigo


Ertan is most upset with the Rebellion since they destroyed his base. He has vowed revenge in the form of the kidnapping of General Hannibal Romilar’s son, Bakki.

The back story to this is that Ertan and Hannibal were once friends, during the rise of the Empire. General Romilar was Ertan’s commanding officer – so in other words, Ertan was once a mercenary working for the Rebellion. But during this time, Ertan was tempted with the power of the credit, and discovered that money was to be made sifting out the conspirators, and handing them into the Empire for a hefty profit. Ertan made the error however, of collecting the bounty on a close friend of Hannibal’s.

Obviously Hannibal was not pleased after an associate of Ertan’s told him of Ertan’s betrayal. Hannibal decided that enough was enough. Hannibal ordered another group of Rebel mercenaries to capture Ertan. After numerous attempts and about 8 other deaths, Hannibal had no choice but to order the termination of Ertan. A highly trained mission group rigged explosives to Ertan’s vessel, and whilst leaving a planet, the ship exploded, and crashed into the oceans. Ertan was considered dead.

Ertan however, had managed to survive – but only barely. After dragging himself from a supposed watery grave, Ertan made contact with a few “old friends” who helped him with his horrendous injuries. Ertan recovered, but not before a quarter of his body became cybernetic.

After recovering, Ertan changed his name and became a fierce-some bounty hunter. He left a large body count in his wake, and soon made enough money to hire his own band of pirates. Using his Gotal abilities for gain, Ertan was able to win a vast amount of credits, and started to fund his own organization…The Kasturn Banshee Pirates. The Bounty Hunter turned pirate lord became a Gotal who was feared throughout the inner rim. Ertan’s luck had followed him thus far…but how long could it last.

Sooner or later, Ertan’s luck appeared to have run out. Ertan became greedy, and began hitting larger and larger ships, which he believed would yield higher profits. One day, Ertan hit a large container ship containing a large amount of spices – a tidy profit indeed. Little did Ertan know however, that the spices were the property of Xisor.

Xisor was furious, and launched a major attack on Ertan’s pirate gang. Eventually, after his organization was heavily damaged, Ertan surrendered and travelled to Coruscant to meet Xisor. After a much discussion, Xisor realised the potential Ertan had and soon after made him a member of Black Sun. Ertan’s dream had come true. Now that he was working for Black Sun, his profits would soar. Ertan believed that he had the Inner Rim at his feet. Xisor had other plans.

Xisor ordered Ertan to an area in the Outer Rim, which was approximately three weeks travel from Kween Space Station. It was here, that Ertan would meet his eventual doom. Ertan established a small palace on Tulaab, and began storing some of his unique items that he and his pirate gang had recovered during their exploits.

After a year of keeping small systems in line, Ertan’s greed again began to show. A small community here, a small starship there, and soon, Ertan began hitting larger ships, and moved into the extortion market.
Ertan’s group made contact with a number of Crime Lords in the area, one of which was Horrak the Hutt. Horrak agreed to affiliate himself with Ertan, and has been doing his wares whilst Ertan has been watching from the afar.

“I will have my revenge one way or another.”

Type: Gotal Pirate Lord
Blaster 9D, Dodge 7D, Melee Combat 5D
Alien Species 4D, Intimidation 7D, Business 6D, Business: Kasturn Banshee Pirates 8D, Business: Dark Sun 6D+1, Streetwise 7D, Value 5D, Willpower 4D
Space Transports 6D, Starfighter Piloting 4D+2, Starship Gunnery 4D+1, Starship Shields 3D+1
Command 6D, Command: Kasturn Banshee Pirates 8D, Con 5D+2, Search 6D+1
Brawling 5D, Stamina 5D
Blaster Repair 4D+2, Security 6D+2, Space Transports Repair 4D
Special Abilities:
Mood Detection: By reading the auras and moods of others, Gotals receive a positive or negative bonus when engaging in interactive skills with other characters. The Gotal makes a Moderate Perception check and adds the following bonus to his Perception skills when making opposed rolls for the rest of that encounter. (See Gotal entry in Aliens section for chart)
Fast Initiative: Gotals receive +1D when rolling initiative against non-gotal opponents.
Droid Immunity: Most Gotals are unaccustomed to the technical attributes of droids as they interfere with their mood detection and the like. Ertan has managed to overcome this disability, due to his continual company with T.O.B.U.R.K. and since he has had his eye replaced with that of a cybernetic improvement.

Force Points: 4
Character Points: 15
Cyber Points: 4
Move: 12
Equipment: Modified BlasTech DL-44 with Electronic Sight (Damage 6D; +1D to hit at up to and including short range), Headset Comlink, Breath Mask, Vibroblade and credit stick, Cybernetics (Neuro-Saav Corporation Hifold Sensory Package +2 to Perception – Bionic Cyber-Eye which is visible; replacements to 40% of his body giving him +1D to Strength when resisting damage)

Ertan Scellan

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