Governor Eric Dixon

Imperial Govenor of the Fakir Sector


Dixon is a cowardly blowhard who thinks nothing of ordering “his” soldiers into combat while scurrying away in search of a safe place to hide. He is arrogant, unreasonable and incompetent. It is for this reason that Imperial Command has placed him in place of late Governor of the Fakir Sector, Governor Zafiel Snopps. Imperial Command knows that Moff Ven Dorne wants no “political” problems while taking military control of the Klentilior Over Sector. Ven Dorne feels that Dixon will rather back down on a decision than take on Ven Dorne himself, making Dixon a worthless puppet.

While Dixon was proceeding to Vakkar to take his position as Governor, the ship that he was travelling on developed engine difficulties and was forced to land on Masterhome. The captain onboard at the time discovered the presence of the Anointed People (Lizard Race) along with the lush world. He knew that the Empire could enslave the populace easily and take advantage of the heavy mineral deposits contained within the planet’s core. Unfortunately, the Captain didn’t take into consideration the presence of Mission Group Alpha who were making contact with the Anointed People at that time. As a result, the Captain’s ship, the Resurgence was destroyed whilst attempting to land.

It was to Ven Dorne’s advantage that this occurred. Ven Dorne took a casual approach to finding Dixon, by sending a only a few scout ships to scan the area, and cancelled the search after a mere five days. This unfortunate chain of events allowed Ven Dorne to take control of not only the military, but the civilian arms of the Empire as well, giving him full control of all branches. For this reason, Ven Dorne was promoted to Grand Moff in charge of the entire Over Sector.

Type: Imperial Governor
Bureaucracy 4D, Cultures 5D
Command 5D, Bargain 3D+2, Persuasion 3D+2
Character Points: 2
Move: 10
Equipment: Expensive clothing, poison ring (5D stun damage)

Governor Eric Dixon

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